Lost Art Press Storefront Open this Weekend


The Lost Art Press storefront at 837 Willard St. in Covington, Ky., will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday. We’ll have all of our books on hand, plus stickers, posters and shirts that are exclusive to the storefront.

My daughter Katy will be there with some of her soft wax that she held off from selling on etsy this week.

Also fun: John will be there as will Raney Nelson from Daed Toolworks.

What will be we be doing? Good question. I just finished up a big project and don’t have anything on my bench at the moment. This week has been all about sprucing up the facade at the building. We’ve been replacing glass and trim to bring in more light and prepare for our new custom door, which is on order.

I was going to build the door myself, but decided that you guys would rather have “Woodworking in Estonia” in your hands.

If you’re coming down to the store, there are a couple new places to eat you should check out (plus some I haven’t mentioned before). All are easily walkable from our store.

Son & Soil. Best Cubano sandwich I have ever had. Great coffee. Great everything.

Lil’s Bagels. These are available before noon at Point Perk on Pike Street before noon only. I love to see neighborhood gangbangers walking around with bags of these bagels on Saturday. Good food isn’t just for the mustache-wax set.

Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar. The biggest selection of bourbon I’ve seen. If you have any bourbon fantasies (Elmer T. Lee, Pappy etc.) this where to get them fulfilled. Great prices and a fantastic patio.

Otto’s. Best brunch in Covington. And Saturday is the best day to go because it’s not as crowded.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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18 Responses to Lost Art Press Storefront Open this Weekend

  1. studioffm says:

    Highly recommend Ottos. Chris took us there when I was over for the opening . The pint of bacon is memorable….
    very best
    david savage

  2. Any recommendations of things we should check out/do while we are in the Covington/Cincinnati area?

  3. Any recommendations of places to check out or things to do while in the Covington/Cincinnati area?

  4. tombuhl says:

    I enjoy reading of other offerings in your neighborhood. Real life…don’t leave home without it.

  5. bloksav says:

    I say go for the door,
    Woodworking in Estonia can wait.

    There is an excellent publication available (a small book actually) called “Doormaking and window-making”.
    You normally seem to make at least one project from each of the books you publish, and I can’t recall seeing any door or windows 🙂


  6. fitz says:

    azezo1 Nope. I bought a stained glass window with some bricks and wood around it.

    • She bought an Arts & Crafts bat sanctuary is what she did.

    • azezo1 says:

      Megan, just teasing, I have been following your trials and tribulations regarding your house. I would help if I lived nearer but Chicago is a bit too far to just pop in for the day. You do have my best wishes though, for what it’s worth.

  7. Looking forward to “Woodworking in Estonia”! Feel free to leak any sneak peeks in the blog! 😉

  8. How are these bagels you speak of? My wife and I live in central NJ (not far from Frank Klausz!) and despite wanting desperately to move away from this money pit of a state, can’t come to grips with the dearth of decent bagels we’ve noticed when traveling out of state. Please tell me good bagels exist outside of NY/NJ.

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