Good News/Bad News on the Letterpress Posters


Sweet mother of murder I am tired of writing about these posters. I have concluded they are cursed and exist only to suck the life out of me.

Bad news: Classic Hand Tools in the UK received its shipment of 50 posters. The custom box I constructed looked fine from the outside. But when they opened it, somehow the entire interior was waterlogged and the posters had melted together into one icky mass.

Apparently I forgot to check the box on the postal form saying the box was not a surfboard or sea anemone porn.

Bad news: Apparently postal employees are having sword fights with the hardy tubes we’ve used to ship these posters. So many have been mangled that it feels like a vendetta.


Good news: I spent the afternoon at Steamwhistle Press helping to make another 500 posters. Brian Stuparyk at Steamwhistle actually let me run the press for part of the run – pressing buttons and turning knobs. Very exciting.

The 500 new posters are drying now and I’ll pick them up on Monday. Then we’ll start dispatching them – a replacement shipment to Classic Hand Tools and (I hope) a few more to sell on our web site.

I asked John to punch me in the ovaries the next time I suggested we print a poster.

— Christopher Schwarz

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16 Responses to Good News/Bad News on the Letterpress Posters

  1. Jason says:

    My girlfriend (who is a graphic designer and printer) looked at this poster when we got it and said it should have been $40, and I agree. I’d have happily paid that much for a print of this quality (it really isn’t a poster). We’re getting it framed and we’re hanging it in her design and print studio. Seriously, price them at least $30; you guys deserve to make a living.

  2. meanmna says:

    I agree with Jason. I would not hesitate to pay more for them. I wish the posters were easier for you guys to do as the ones I have gotten (“Hammer and Hand”, the suicide one and now this one) are all great.

    I ordered mine through LV since I did not get in on the first run and they shipped it in large zip lock back that was then rolled into a cardboard box and then packed in another cardboard box with crushed craft paper as padding between the two. I just opened it today and then packed it all back up and put it on a top shelf in the shop until I can give it the treatment it deserves.

  3. Brad Carthew says:

    I’m really sorry that this has turned into such an ordeal for you. I’m sure this has greatly tarnished what would otherwise have been a great experience for you.

    So I just wanted to say thank you. I received my poster from Lee Valley this morning, and couldn’t be happier with it. I’m also very grateful you made them available to those of us who don’t live in North America.

    This gesture and all your efforts are very much appreciated.

  4. greenebelly says:

    Well no good deed goes unpunished. Chalk it up to lesson learned!🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  5. Roger Hylr says:

    ” …ovaries” ?

  6. atari76 says:

    I love your posters and would have every one if they did not sell out so fast. I would gladly pay $40. $20 is reasonable…for a PBS Bob Villa + Bob Ross bundle.

  7. bookmarklex51 says:

    Looking at the very fine quality of the poster I received, I seem to have accidentally been sent some sort of deluxe $40 version. How do I remit the extra $20? I imagine there are others in the same predicament.

  8. abtuser says:

    Agreed with others about poster ideas, if you again get the idea to make one, make it. I’ll buy it. And having something like this poster framed (implied third party)…I would think readers here would build their own frames ;).

  9. Bulk rate junk mail always arrives undamaged.

  10. mpboutte says:

    I received mine, directly from you, unblemished. It’s beautiful. As always, thanks for your efforts.

  11. make friends with time says:

    Definitely, you put these out at a “steal” of a price, and while that isn’t fair to you guys, I appreciate it as a poor student, but I wouldn’t want you guys to LOSE money on these. Thanks for all of your efforts, and I’m sorry that so much trouble has come up in regard to getting these made, mailed, et cetera.

    Sincerest thank you, for these, and for all you do.

  12. Robert Mose says:

    I received my copy yesterday from LV in Canada. I too would have paid 40+ for such a beautiful print. I will be getting it framed and it will hang in my workshop. Thank you for making these and for all your efforts.

  13. mcfrye says:

    As much as I completely respect your right to loathe your posters – you make awesone posters and I cherish them all.

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