Yet Another Letterpress Poster Update


Because of some weirdness we are going to do a second and smaller run of letterpress Anarchist Tool Chest posters this week.

We’ll only be making 500 this time and they’ll be in a slightly different hue of ink. We probably will have a few to sell on the website (and at our storefront in Covington, Ky., on May 14) but we have to increase the price to $25 (that price includes domestic shipping) so we don’t lose money on this project.

What was the weirdness? We had more posters spindled or mutilated during shipping and have to replace a lot more than we anticipated. Also, we ended up with fewer posters than we planned (still trying to figure that one out).

So if you are still lacking for one of these posters, hang tight and keep your eye on this blog. By the way, a few readers have asked how they can be notified of things like this. We don’t have a spambot – I mean newsletter – but you can sign up to receive an email from WordPress every time we post a new blog entry. Look at the top of the right rail of the blog and you’ll see “E-mail subscription.” Enter your email address in that box to sign up.

Note: We don’t sell, rent or give away anyone’s personal information to anyone. We don’t send advertisements or information on how you can get in on the exciting world of sausage making at home. All you’ll ever get is an email containing the blog entry.

— Christopher Schwarz

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15 Responses to Yet Another Letterpress Poster Update

  1. calebjamesplanemaker says:

    Love my poster! Arrived perfectly fine.


  2. Bob Snyder says:

    The end of mine got dinged up a little bit while traveling in the tube. Only about 3/16″ though so I figured if I frame it, it will be covered. Still an awesome poster!

  3. marvthompson says:

    We have gotten a lot of automotive mouldings in tubes at our business after a hail storm. A lot are spindled and mutilated also. Seems like the shipping companies have it in for “things” in tubes.

  4. jmwagle86 says:

    Mine arrived last week, wrapped in a tough-to-open, bulletproof tube. Excellent condition!

  5. countercosta1952 says:

    Only problem for me was getting the tube opened, opposable thumbs didn’t help much!

  6. Mine arrived in decent condition. One of the edges was dinged up a bit but overall I figure with a frame it’ll cover it up.

  7. miathet says:

    Mine arrived in very good condition but the one end was not secured so I think I just got lucky the cap didn’t come off.

  8. Brian Hall says:

    I missed the first run and would like to participate in this run…currently listed as SOLD OUT on the website. How can I reserve one so I don’t miss out?


    • We don’t have a way to reserve the posters I’m afraid. When they are ready to be shipped we will post a message here, on Instagram, Twitter and our Facebook page.

  9. abtuser says:

    Mine arrived on a rainy day with one end cap missing. Fortunately, it wasn’t windy and the postman was able to put the open end up against the door step out of the rain. It’s a really nice poster.

  10. FYI…I purchased one of your posters from Lee Valley. To my surprise, it arrived today inside a long box. Well, I opened it up and along with a lot of paper packing material was yet another long box. Unfortunately, the inner box was clearly the worst for wear. It looked like someone had put it on the floor and stepped on it! Needless to say, the poster had some significant creases in it. On the positive side, when I called Lee Valley they immediately agreed to ship me a new one (the last one they had in stock). I just hope it arrives in better shape. Why they chose a box over a shipping tube is beyond me.


    • tsstahl says:

      “Why they chose a box over a shipping tube is beyond me”

      Because that is what they have on hand. Lining up special packaging for a one-off item is time and cost prohibitive (for an 8 dollar US shipping charge).

      Mine arrived from Lee Valley similarly packed. It is in pristine condition. I’m sorry you have to jump through hoops.

      The real reason for my post is to say “thank you” to LAP for your thank you merch.

      The poster really is a high quality product. For 20 bucks, I expected something like a boy band poster from Wal-mart. Maybe I’m too jaded. 🙂

      Job well done.

      • tsstahl,

        I agree with the old axiom of using what you have, as long as it will do the job. Unfortunately, in the case of the first poster, the long sides of both boxes just didn’t have the structural rigidity to withstand the abuse of shipping….a tube would have been a better choice.

        The second poster arrived today. And, just like the last time, both boxes showed significant tears/dents. The good news is that this time the poster arrived in much better shape…a few small creases, but otherwise excellent condition. Thanks Chris (& LAP), the poster looks great.

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