An Interview on ‘Looking Sideways’

ATC_SquareLast month Andrew Sleigh of the “Looking Sideways” podcast discussed my work, Lost Art Press and how I cram anarchism, woodworking and historical research into one beer glass.

The 57-minute interview is now available for you to listen at the Looking Sideways site. In addition to the above topics, Andrew and I also discuss Enzo Mari’s influential book “Autoprogettazione,” and how John and I have structured Lost Art Press to be an anti-corporation. That’s something I haven’t talked about before in public. Yikes.

The most important part of the interview (for me, at least) is the discussion of why John and I look to the past to beat a path forward for the craft of woodworking. I really do consider what we do here as akin to exploring an advanced, alien technology.

Andrew was an excellent interviewer. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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15 Responses to An Interview on ‘Looking Sideways’

  1. Either is a little slow, or we’re all trying to listen at the same time cause it’s moving pretty slowly! Can’t wait for the download to finish. Thanks Chris! Wishing I could make the trip down from Chicago next Saturday but my daughter’s birthday trumps a trip to Kentucky. Hopefully next time. Cheers. Nathaniel.

  2. dbfowlersf says:

    Subscribed to the podcast via iTunes when you mentioned in a week or two back, and was thrilled to see your episode waiting for me to enjoy on my Sunday morning run. Really enjoyed the longer format and the backstory on the how’s and why’s of your Lost Art Press journey. Glad to have been a part of the journey from book #1 – thanks to the limited vision of your former employers!

  3. charlie says:

    Reminded me of a “Fresh Air” interview with Terry Gross……
    Good stuff!

  4. shopsweeper says:

    He has a much better voice when he mispronounces your last name than I do.

  5. Greg Flora says:

    I appreciate how candid you were about the business-side of LAP. Nice interview!

  6. jpassacantando says:

    Dang, this podcast is terrific. It’s Schwarz unplugged with fabulous descriptions of anarchism, design, and capitalism. It simply couldn’t be more interesting. And there is something else. The best drinking game for woodworkers used to be to watch Roy Underhill’s PBS shows and drink every time he cut himself. He bled more than the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Now the game is to listen to Schwarz and every time he says “absolutely” you drink. Do not operate heavy equipment during or after playing this game.

    • That is a verbal tic of mine that will get you hammered way too quickly.

      At least it wasn’t video. I have a way of moving my hands that makes it look like I’m rubbing my nipples.

      Not pretty.

  7. Good interview! I’ve subscribed. You mentioned rediscovering how veneer used to be dyed, is there an article about that anywhere?

  8. wb8nbs says:

    New drinking game… Take a shot every time Schwarz says “Absolutely”.

  9. bradleyorion says:

    Enjoyed the interview, and your criticisms of Mari’s aesthetic. Curious how you relate to criticisms of your own aesthetics.

    • Real criticism (not trolling) is an essential part of writing and building. I listen to it, I sometimes act on it, but I don’t let it paralyze me.

      As a newspaper reporter the criticism was intense. Sometimes administered with a gun or a threat. So someone telling me my designs suck barely registers.

  10. Great interview. Really enjoyed the questions and answers.

  11. Brian Wenzl says:

    Please share more details soon about this Quixotic letterpress plan, revealed in this interview, to publish a book using Ben Franklin’s original lead type?

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