Yellow Glue Can Save Your Life

While I’m a huge fan of hot hide glue, it is one culprit in many examples of death and disfigurement when combined with shavings. Perhaps we can blame handplanes for the problem.

Jeff Burks sent me the following grisly gallery of news accounts involving shavings, fire and sometimes glue pots.

I feel a Titebond/Festool PSA coming on.

— Christopher Schwarz

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13 Responses to Yellow Glue Can Save Your Life

  1. occasionalww says:

    The great Seattle fire of 1889 was started by a glue pot.

  2. Rachael Boyd says:

    I am thinking I am glad mine is electric

  3. waltamb says:

    So, whom or what to blame, The Shavings? The Glue Pot? or, The Inattentive Worker?

  4. momist says:

    I know an area of the city near me where the boys are ‘unlucky’. I know now not to go there carrying shavings . . .

  5. skilledno says:

    How many rabbits and other household pets go up in flames that we dont hear about?
    Ban the wood shavings!!!
    The hand plane amnesty will begin at my house, please bring all your planes and hand them in ASAP. No names will be taken, anyone hiding Veritas or Nielsen will be detained.

  6. Bob Easton says:

    After cleaning up those shavings, tend very carefully to the oily rags. This one is a modern story, not one from when “f” was a substitute for “s.”

    • hgordon4 says:

      Definitely. Rapid oxidation occurs with those oily rags. And if they are in a pile or in an enclosed area with air available, the heat can build up to the point they combust. There are lots of good resources on the web about how to deal safely with oily rags.

  7. Soak your plane shavings in canning wax to make amazing, waterproof campfire tinder.

  8. KampWood says:

    Welp… Time to clean the shop.

  9. Niels Cosman says:

    I’m pretty sure this is why they stopped building houfes. Houses have a far higher flash point.

  10. ouidavincent says:

    Well I am discarding my hot plate and using titebond hide glue.

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