I’m in Love with a Toolbox


For the last four months I have been working out of two shops – my shop at home and my shop at our new storefront. I don’t want to buy a second set of tools during this transition period, and so I have been ferrying my tools back and forth in a Trusco tool box from Hand-Eye Supply.

I never thought I could love a metal toolbox. After all, I make several varieties of wooden tool chests as part of my living. But after a month with this Trusco, I can officially say I am totally and completely in love with it.

The Japanese-made Trusco looks like a jewel with its semi-translucent paint job. And it works like a jewelry box when you spread the top leaves of the lid open to reveal the trays and lower storage area. We owned a toolbox similar to this on our farm, but it was a herky-jerky affair and a struggle to open and close it.

Inside, the Trusco has movable dividers in its trays so you can quickly reconfigure the box for tools of different sizes. This is not a dumb feature – I move these things all the time depending on the tools I’m transporting that day.

Most of all, I love how dang tough the thing is. It’s thick sheet metal – just the right gauge so it can take a hit but not so thick that it adds significant weight. All the parts fit seamlessly and move smoothly. I frankly cannot understand how they made this thing for this price.

If you need a toolbox for moving your stuff, or something to hold your mechanic’s tools for working on machinery, click forth and buy.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, Hand-Eye Supply approached us recently about distributing our books. However, I’ve never received anything free or at a discount from them. In fact, they have way too much of my money.

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21 Responses to I’m in Love with a Toolbox

  1. Mark says:

    I’ve no need of a box like that (I have a couple already, though different brands), but I do use a couple of their smaller “trunk-style” tool box (8x4x2) in my Dutch tool chest to organize smaller bits and pieces like extra blades or small drill bits and so forth.

    I definitely recommend them for that.

  2. jdcook72 says:

    And then, suddenly, Trusco toolbox were forecast as backordered for the next seven months as a shortage of sheet metal and blue paint rippled through the Japanese manufacturing industry… 😉

  3. Ron Kanter says:

    Very nice and tempting until I realized how small it is. 13.5″ L x 6.5″ H x 6.25″ W
    Not going to carry too many woodworking tools other than chisels and a small block plane.

  4. wadeholloway says:

    I used to have a great Tackle Box just like that. Used it for fishing for many years back when I was a teenager. Same little slot for the dividers and everything, even looks to be the same size too. Love that box.

  5. Paul Smith says:

    I am retired now so my tools don’t travel much. I still have my trusty Kennedy hip roof box that was bought 40 years ago. I do have to say this one gives me “want bumps” bad. I could probably even carry that one full of tool ha ha ha.
    Beautiful box! Im saving my tool money for one nope.de Paul Smith

  6. Paul Smith says:

    I mean NOW dang auto correct!

  7. I like it! I like the way it opens. I like the sizes of the dividers. Others are either too large or too small.

    Just one question. How do you consistently come across stuff like this?

  8. I’m in Love with a Toolbox: the movie? maybe?

  9. Alex A. says:

    Looks like a good choice for a “home repair” box where you can keep everything you need for handy man projects

  10. Rachael Boyd says:

    I saw a video of a bunch of guys doing a dance with a melody made by banging this toolbox on the floor and opening and closing in rhythm.. well anyway that the first thing that came to mind when I saw this on here.

  11. wldrylie says:

    I bought the German made Hazet 190L metal tool box in that design, except it has a central handle so you can leave the trays folded out and carry it around the job without having to fold it up all of the time. Tools stay in it when carting it around open. I love the paint scheme.

  12. Doggone it! Not only is that a cool tool box which almost matches my vintage tackle box, but that Hand-Eye shop is filled with shiny objects that I can’t tear myself away from. Hmm… buy another book from Lost Art Press, or buy some shiny object of intrigue from Hand-Eye?

  13. skilledno says:

    Metal toolbox at LAP who’d of thought it, what’s next? Trump for president? Oh wait..

    Hope the renovation is nearly done, you must be sick of it by now 🙂

  14. amccork says:

    Hand and Eye Supply is a a favorite online store of mine. When I was buying a cantilevered toolbox last fall I looked long and hard at the Trusco, but picked one from Facom that I thought a little more substantial. Once H&ES inevitably sells out here’s a link to the Facom. They’re a popular premium tool brand in Europe but very hard to find here


  15. Those handles look very uncomfortable for a box that has a rather big capacity. You can put a bunch of stickers on it to hide that paint job. Did you never see a Kennedy box?

  16. I feel the love for toolboxes, it’s a deep-seated primal urge that only men with tools can understand. I mean I don’t fully understand it myself all I know is that I am attracted to well built toolboxes in an unnatural way, I still remember the day I saw a brand-new Snap-On roll cab for the first time!

  17. kaisaerpren says:

    having a good tool box to lug things back and forth (shop to job to home etc) is handy. however since I was a professional cabinetmaker (working for someone else) I got tired of this. I eventually ended up having 3 sets of tools; one in the “home shop”, one at work, and one that was kept at work but was my “GO” box, (as in GO the the install, go to my mom’s house to fix a door). Now I am sort of retired… and I have no room for all of these tools , but, but, I can’t get rid of them!! they are MY tools! do I NEED 2 full sets of R Sorby chisels? nearly 3 full sets of handplanes? (one of stanley, one of stanley transitionals, one of wood bodied, and 2 each extra #5, #4, #3)
    I bought each of these tools one at a time, collected from antique dealers , junk shops, the interwebs and ebay. Each one has a little story. but I really need the space more than I need the extra hand plane. or saw, or chisel set, you get the picture. I pity my wife when she has to get rid of it all.

  18. I bought a couple of identical made-in-Poland tool boxes almost 30 years ago that I keep automotive tools in. Did the Japanese makers copy the Poles, or are they both perhaps copies of an even older design?

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