March 12 Book-release Party Details (and Guest List)


The book release party for “The Anarchist’s Design Book” will be at 7 p.m. (EST) March 12 at 837 Willard St., Covington, KY 41011. It’s a 10-minute walk from Braxton Brewing Co., which is where the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event is being held that day.

The party is, alas, completely full. We cannot take any more guests because of the fire marshal’s regulations. We have to be strict about this because I don’t want to pay fines. Apologies.

We’ve had a lot of questions from people who have signed up for the party wondering why we haven’t emailed them with details. That’s because we didn’t ask for your email address. I hate asking for personal information unless we need it. If you would like to see if you actually RSVP’d, you can download the guest list here.


So what will we be doing during the party? Eating pizza (more on that in a future post) and drinking beverages (feel free to bring some along; it would be much appreciated). As a party favor, we have 2,500 “Disobey Me” stickers to give out. (Note, if we have any left over we’ll find a way to put them in the store.)

Briony Morrow-Cribbs, the copperplate artist for the book, will be there to sign books and show off some of her original prints, which will be for sale on site.

We’ll also have special store-only T-shirts for sale. Plus a very cool poster I haven’t shown anyone. And all of our books – including the two Charles H. Hayward volumes.

And, like the Ronco commercials say, that’s not all.

Briony, Megan, John and I will all be on hand to sign books and talk shop. I also will have several pieces of furniture from the design book on display, including some of the wire models and prototypes – plus French workbenches and tool chests.

All in all, I am sure the evening will remind me of why I am a hermit by nature!

— Christopher Schwarz

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10 Responses to March 12 Book-release Party Details (and Guest List)

  1. Sounds awesome. Usually getting to hang out with folks who share my interests serves as a reminder to why I’m NOT a hermit…But then again, I haven’t had my share of it over the past 15 years, as you have. Fellow furniture freaks are few and far between in Florida. (Hooray alliteration)

    • hgordon4 says:

      Very true. And even fewer that are Gators like me (and specifically not Bulldogs).

  2. waltamb says:

    Perhaps even though the inside party is booked… everyone might be Dancing in the Street.
    After all… you do have a Disco Ball.

  3. Ed Clarke says:

    I believe that you mentioned i a prior posting that your daughters would be manning the store before the party – while the LN event was going on. People who want to buy things can get them then, right? They just have to clear out before the party starts?

  4. Mike says:

    I will not be able to attend the party. Mike Lewis

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Narayan says:

    I’ll sign any copies of Virtuoso that float by me. I will also sign novels by M. Bulgakov or W. Gibson.

  6. Can I have Mike’s space? 😉

  7. simonab59 says:

    I wanna move to the US! Your woodworking scene is so much bigger than ours! (Sweden) also it’s so expensive to get things shipped (I know not your fault!)

    • <I wanna move to the US!

      That's what my grandparents said! Though I think they came here for the bowling and work in the brick factory, not the woodworking.

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