‘The Anarchist’s Tool Chest’ Videos, Free

Inside the Anarchist’s Tool Chest from Christopher Schwarz on Vimeo.

First a little history, then a disclaimer and then we play the moviefilm.

When I wrote “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” in 2011 I steered clear of discussing brand names of tools because I didn’t want the book to be a tool-buying guide for 2011. My hope was it would be useful to woodworkers getting started in the craft long after I’m dead.

But people asked me: What specific tools are in your chest? So we made a short DVD that had a one-hour tour of the tools in my chest on that summer day in 2011. Plus I assembled a five-minute slideshow that was an overview of the chest’s construction process. Finally, we added a document of sources for the tools and a SketchUp drawing of the chest.

We sold the DVD for a few years, but it was plagued by technical problems. Our DVD presser at the time couldn’t seem to make an error-free disc, so we switched vendors and then ultimately began giving the discs away as commemorative drink coasters/safety Ninja throwing stars instead.

So last night I loaded up the videos on our Vimeo channel and we now offer them free of charge.

Disclaimer: The tools in my chest have changed since 2011. So please don’t ask me to compare this, that or the other to then or now. We’re producing a new tour of the chest for the five-year anniversary that also will be free.

Why did the tools change? In many cases I tried to get something more accessible. I loved my Barrett plow plane, for example, but it was intimidating to beginners (especially the price tag). So I switched to a Stanley 45, which I bought for $50. (And no, I don’t know what happened to Dan Barrett and his planemaking company.)

Construction Slideshow of The Anarchist’s Tool Chest from Christopher Schwarz on Vimeo.

So you can watch the tour and slideshow above. And below you can download a zipped folder of the SketchUp drawing and the tool list.


— Christopher Schwarz

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17 Responses to ‘The Anarchist’s Tool Chest’ Videos, Free

  1. ouidavincent says:

    Hi. Is the slideshow part of the upcoming DVD? The slideshow was pretty instructive. Thanks.

  2. toolnut says:

    Thanks. I got one at Jeff Miller’s when you were there for a Lie-Nielsen event and until today, I thought I just got the bunk CD of the batch.

    • tsstahl says:

      LOL! Same experience here. I have never seen the last 15 minutes due to the bad disk.

      The Chicago Lie-Nielsen event is not at Jeff’s shop this year; I hope he is doing well.

  3. Greg Flora says:

    Awesome, thanks Chris. I’ve watched this video many times during airplane and car rides. It was extremely helpful when I was starting to build my hand tool collection.

  4. pathdoc70 says:

    Thank you Chris. Much appreciated. Mike O’Brien Valley Head, AL

    Sent from my iPhone 5s


  5. Dan Zehner says:

    Wow! Thank you for your generosity! I’m looking forward to watching this!

  6. Beautiful post. The actual definition of Anarchism is: “a political philosophy that advocates self-governed societies with voluntary institutions.”

    It does not mean lawless, violent, and without any form of government. It is a noble ideal in my opinion. And one that fits right into what’s going on over here at LAP and all sorts of places as well.

  7. aparent100 says:

    This is awesome Chris! I purchased this DVD a while ago and it worked fine. Any idea when the 5th anniversary edition will be released? I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

  8. jborgschulte says:

    Well, THAT explains why my DVD never worked. I’m stoked to finally watch this. Thanks, Chris!

  9. erikhinkston says:

    Fantastic, such a gift. Thank you for all the content coming out. Living on the West Coast I became aware of the ATC about 2 weeks after you were out to teach in San Diego a couple of years ago. I hoped to catch your teaching at an event out here then was disappointed to hear of your schedule being trimmed then eliminated completely. But… What you’ve been able to produce since then and seeing what’s on the way, I get it! Keep it up, thank you for all the instruction and enlightenment.

  10. Brad says:

    Thank you Chris. I feel fortunate that my re-introduction to woodworking (20+ years after taking shop in high school) happened to coincide with the release of the ATC book and video. Certainly influenced many of the decisions I have made in practicing this craft – for the better!

  11. leeboyz86 says:

    Oh. I thought it said “The Anachronist’s Tool Chest” = )

  12. Rachael Boyd says:

    I re-posted this on my site gots to reach and teach more people in the art of woodworking, thanks for sharing…

  13. gblogswild says:

    FINALLY finished it.

    I wonder if the MF #42 coping saw is still Schwarzed…?

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