How to Pick Up ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’ in Covington

ADB_mockup_lo_1024x1024We’ve just been notified by the printing plant that “The Anarchist’s Design Book” will ship from the plant on March 4 – more than 10 days later than originally expected.

As a result, if you are coming to Covington on March 11-12 for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event and our book-release party, it’s unlikely you will receive your copy in the mail before those events.

So if you would prefer to pick up your book in Covington – either at the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event or at our book-release party – here is what you need to do:

Before March 1, send an email to with the subject line “ADB pickup.” In the email, please include your full name, the email you used to order the book and your order number (if you have it). We need this information to look up your order.

Once you send us that email, we’ll put you on a list and have a book waiting for you in Covington. Then just talk to me or John at the hand tool event or the book-release party. We’ll get you your book, plus a few stickers, and personally sign it.

Sorry for the hassle. This was out of our control.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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9 Responses to How to Pick Up ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’ in Covington

  1. captainjack1024 says:

    Adversity makes us stronger. Or is it, makes us drink more beer? I can’t remember, I get those two confused all the time.


  2. Tight Ship says:

    Perhaps a silly question and I assume this has already been addressed, but the book will be available for purchase at the release party?


  3. 61chrysler says:

    The bindery must have failed. They are always expected to make up for the delays caused by everyone else upstream.


  4. jeeperjeff says:

    Will the methods and techniques extolled in the book still apply at this later date, or should one now wait for the next addition?


  5. mariocat10 says:

    Chris, Is there any chance that those of us patiently awaiting our prepublication orders who are unable to make it to the events in Covington would be able to score one of the stickers you speak of?


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