One Month and Crapping – I Mean ‘Counting’


Fantastic news for those of you attending our book-release party for “The Anarchist’s Design Book” on March 12. Copperplate artist Briony Morrow-Cribbs is flying in from Vermont for the event and will be there to sign books and some original plates – we’ll have two sets there to sell.

More details on the plates soon.

We’ll also have T-shirts, free stickers, pizza and beer.

Work on the storefront has stalled this week because I’m finishing up a tool chest for a customer. But we are making progress at Willard Street. The drywall guys hung the wallboard on the new wall, restoring the front room’s original shape.


And Mike Sadoff, my right-hand worker bee these days, has begun the joyous process of priming over the purple paint.

After staring at the back room for a long while today, I think I know what to do with the brick archway to restore that area’s Second Empire/Victorian feel. More details when my head catches up with my gut.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. If you aren’t able to attend the book-release party, we hope to have Briony visit the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event for a short time at Braxton Brewing. So look for her there (she’s the one without a beard who is not named Megan).


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17 Responses to One Month and Crapping – I Mean ‘Counting’

  1. martybacke says:

    Megan has a beard?

  2. Are you riding your bike to “work” now, or is that for “alcohol powered” transportation? An affirmative response to either question is a huge win in my book. The shop is looking great! I can’t wait to see it again.

  3. toolnut says:

    How are you planning to use the back room? The LAP library?

    • I think the library will be in the front room – at least as I have it arranged in my head now. The back room will be multipurpose: Photography, proofing and the guest suite after I gut the back end of the building (where the bathrooms and utility sink are now) to add a full bath and kitchen.

  4. The bones of that building are breathing a little sigh of relief now that that weird arch thingy has been erased. At least from the front room.

  5. I love being on the positive side of the beard ratio at these things. It helps replace my lack of attendance at jamband events post kids.

  6. Daniel Roy says:

    When do we get to tour upstairs?

  7. wldrylie says:

    Is that a walnut bench top? Something else? It looks nice.

  8. jmaichel says:

    Any chance I could order a couple LAP stickers? My tool chest and Yeti are in need of some LAP art! I would love to attend but I live in HI, and well it’s just not practical to fly to Kentucky for stickers.

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