Countdown to a Great Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event


There are just 32 days until the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at Braxton Brewing Co. in Covington, Ky., and it promises to be one of the more interesting ones I’ve ever attended.

For starters, look who is going to be there on March 11-12, in addition to the always-strong Lie-Nielsen staff:

Konrad Sauer of Sauer & Steiner Toolworks.
Scott Meek of Scott Meek Woodworks.
Raney Nelson of Daed Toolworks.
Caleb James of Caleb James, Planemaker.
Steve Voigt of Voigt Planes.
Mateo Panzica of The Lazarus Handplane Co.
Aaron Moore of Walke Moore Tools.
George Walker of “Design Matters” and “By Hound & Eye.”
Megan Fitzpatrick of Popular Woodworking Magazine.
Plus, John and me from Lost Art Press.

Could it get any wilder? Yes, it could.

I’ve just received confirmation that David Savage, one of the United Kingdom’s leading designers and makers, is flying in for the show and our book release party at our new storefront. This is David’s first trip to Cincinnati, I believe, and so we plan to destroy his good health with lots of bourbon and succulent swine.

Oh, the beer at Braxton is incredibly good, and the brewery is stumbling distance from the Lost Art Press storefront (what a coincidence).

So if you are in the market for a plane or want to bend the ear of Mr. Savage or Mr. Walker on furniture design, don’t miss this show. It’s free.

This week I’ll start posting a list of where to stay and eat. Cincinnatians are passionate about good food, good alcohol and hospitality. And there are lots of places to send your family while you guzzle beer and play with some incredible tools.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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13 Responses to Countdown to a Great Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event

  1. Niels Cosman says:

    My FOMO is blasting at 11 right now.

    • Niels,

      You should totally come. I need to learn some new jokes. And David Savage should learn why it’s a good thing that we’re not the queen’s subjects anymore.

      • steve322 says:


        You have to get your genders straight. You haven’t been a subject since there was a king! Besides which, do you get British humour?


  2. Greg Flora says:

    I absolutely cannot wait for this. Keeps getting better and better.

  3. Roger Benton says:

    You probably know this but on top of everything else it’s Deneb’s B-day that weekend.

  4. stevevoigt says:

    What the hell is a weiner? That ex-congressman from Brooklyn who texted pictures of his junk? Somewhere there’s a picture of him eating a wiener.

    Oh, and I’m looking forward to the event, too. 🙂

  5. charlie says:

    “This week I’ll start posting a list of where to stay and eat”

    White Castle? Skyline Chili?

  6. cpcw06 says:

    Random question… What is the cabinet in the background?

  7. weyrichwood says:

    After much confusion over whether the event will be in Cincinnati, OH, or Covington, KY, I looked at a map. As a Canadian, I’d like to ask: when did they move Kentucky so far north?

  8. Wish I could make it to these events. About 50 years ago, I worked for an insurance company that had a regional office in the Cincinnati Enquirer building, and I used to stay in Covington when I travelled there. Your new quarters are progressing beautifully. Perhaps I will get to see your shop someday. But, alas, I failed to make a reservation for your opening event in time! C’est la vie!

  9. About that… Lie Nielsen event and good food and alcohol… What would you (or other readers) recommend for a long weekend/short week in Cincinnati/Covington regarding hotels/hostels or other, not too far from the event? Need is pretty basic involving somewhere to put (minor) luggage, bed and a shower… Somewhere somewhat clean with no bedbugs should do the trick.
    How is public transportation to/from cvg int’l? Is car rental the way to go?

    There is probably a lot more I should ask, but don’t yet know.

    This post is probably on the rim of the subject , and I fully understand if it will be removed from the blog, although any help would be highly appreciated, since I’ll be flying in from Denmark (small speck on the map below Sweden and Norway) and have never been to this part of the country. Also planning the all important visit to the Lost Art Press store – preferably a day when it’s not too crowded.

    Hope to hear from someone… Anyone. as time is pressed for flight arrangements etc.

    Best regards

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