To the Stables


Last night I freaked out a little in my pants. Like a knot in a becket it was.

My sphincter’s implosion upon its poor self came about when I looked up from the stud wall we were building in the new storefront and I realized 100 people would not fit in that room.

We’re getting ready for the March 12 opening, and when I set up an RSVP system I capped the number at a ridiculous number of attendees – 100. That’s the maximum the fire marshal will allow on the premises. But I thought we’d get 40 or 50 at most.

But no. We have 100 people showing up. As of now we have the front room complete, the back room, the bathrooms and the courtyard. I think it’s still too tight.

So I fetched the sledgehammer and we opened up the bricked-over door to the stables in the courtyard. That gives us a 23’ x 20’ room to which I will lure people with pizza and alcohol.


Also today (sphincter disengaged), the window installers put in the new windows in the shop along Ninth Street. The light in the shop just became even more wonderful.

— Christopher Schwarz

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18 Responses to To the Stables

  1. Only 100 in that space? So you never went to any frat parties at NU, then? Good luck with the opening!

  2. fitz says:

    You broke things intentionally and didn’t call me to help?! I haz a sad.

  3. ericspaw says:

    The last couple that was banished to the stable…….

    • Andy in Germany says:

      They were Jewish too…

      It’s awesome to hear that this is going so well Chris. I’m not rmoteley surprised that 100 people are coming…

  4. tpobrienjr says:

    I suppose that new/old door could be called the Opening opening.

  5. jonathanszczepanski says:

    “Chris, there isn’t enough room in here for all of these people! Should be stop letting people in?!”
    *picks up sledgehammer
    “I got this. Hold my beer.”

  6. Marilyn says:

    Love the light in the photo. I think it’s going to feel just like you wanted it too .. until a 100 people show up .. and then it’ll be awesome chaos. 🙂

  7. A very awesome space! Are ypou planning on replacing the fans? Ose old timey belt driven fans would look amazing.

  8. studioffm says:

    Don’t worry. Not all the people will make it on the night, dogs will get ill , children will vomit, cars will run out of gas.

    david savage

  9. c15571 says:

    They aren’t steam punk or look vintage, but they are cool (pun intended) and the have an office down the road from you in Lexington. Check out Big Ass Fans at

    I saw them in a cool, new micro brewery in the old Coca Cola plant in Paducah, KY.

    Oh, and the name is cool.


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