Retailers for ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’

ADB_mockup_lo_1024x1024After a crisis involving the endsheets in “The Anarchist’s Design Book,” we are back on track with the production process and the book is expected to be released on time in late February or early March.

Just a reminder that if you want a pdf of the book included in your purchase, you need to order by Feb. 15. After that day, the pdf will cost extra.

We have started receiving orders for the book from our retailers. Here is who has signed on so far:

United States
Highland Woodworking in Atlanta.
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren, Maine.
Tools for Working Wood in Brooklyn.

Lee Valley Tools with stores in 15 cities.

United Kingdom
Classic Hand Tools in Suffolk.

Henry Eckert Tools in Kent Town.
Carbatec, with seven stores.

New Zealand
Carbatec in Auckland.

As more retailers sign on, we will let you know here on the blog.

A couple notes: We don’t know when our retailers will begin selling the book. Some offer it for pre-publication order. Some wait until they have the books in their warehouse. If you have questions such as this, it’s best to ask the retailer because we don’t know.

Also, many international customers have asked about getting the pdf with their purchase. We have created a mechanism that allows the retailers to do this. We now offer “dropcards” – a nicely printed card with a unique code that allows you to download the book securely. Several of the retailers are interested in the technology. But once again, it is up to them to decide to carry these dropcards or not.

One last thing: As of this morning, we have sold out about 75 percent of the first press run. If you are one of those freaks (I mean, book collectors), you have been warned.

— Christopher Schwarz

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4 Responses to Retailers for ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’

  1. Awesome. I’m lucky to be so close to Highland Hardware.

  2. Scott Taylor says:

    Highland Hardware is running it “on sale” on their website. A $2 discount.

  3. ouidavincent says:

    Yes, but is shipping included in that sale price from Highland?

    • Scott Taylor says:

      No, of course not, they charge by the total of the purchase so this would be $8.99. I always buy direct from LAP myself but thought if was funny Highland Hardware lists it as a sale item.

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