Putting Down the Floor in the Store


I’m trying to do as much work on our storefront personally to save money, but there are some things I’ve decided to pay for. Installing the oak floor is one of them.

As you can see from the photos, they’re laying the floor at the same 45° slant as the original floor. And though it cost an extra half-day of labor, I’m glad we did it. When you walk into the front door, the floorboards direct your eye to the bar (which is where our books will be shown on a display I’m building) and the location of my workbench.

The crew should be done laying the floor tomorrow. Then comes the sanding and the finishing (also not by me).

Then I’ll get to jump back in with framing a new office wall and running new electric.

Next week I hope to buy a vintage door I spotted a few weeks ago at an architectural salvage place. It’s from about the same era as the building and has frosted glass and nice details. That will become the door that goes back to the office, bathroom, kitchen and almighty beer fridge.

Everything is on track for the March 12 book release party. We still have about a dozen spots left if you’d like to come. Details are here. And don’t forget the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event that same weekend down the street at Braxton Brewing.

The line-up of demonstrators is pretty awesome. I hear there might be an addition or two….

— Christopher Schwarz

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12 Responses to Putting Down the Floor in the Store

  1. fitz says:

    Sawbenches supporting a table saw — nice.

  2. kendewitt608 says:

    Why do I want to live in this building?
    I have never been to that part of Kentucky.

  3. Honey Guide says:

    Keep the pictures coming. This is exciting.

  4. ajgodet says:

    I love what you are doing…with everything–books, blog, the new building… I wish I could be there for the opening, but I’m running a half-marathon that weekend…if I were more ambitious and in better shape, I would just run from DC to KY for the opening…then just go ahead and check myself into the asylum.

  5. I saw the first photo and instantly thought, “Cool! The flooring is running perpendicular to the front door and will really lead the eye into the space.” Ha! Grea

  6. …t minds think alike. (Dang inadvertent touch on touch screen.)

  7. momist says:

    I hope your door is still there Chris!

  8. Awesome work!,.. by You and your contractors! Looking forward to more photos as things progress. You post things at a GREAT PACE! Don’t rush!

  9. mjstauss says:

    Can’t wait to visit in March along with the L-N event! Space looks great! By the way, are you aware of the various tax credit incentives for renovating historic buildings? If not contact the KY Heritage Council in Frankfort and they can help you out! Could save you a bit of dough.

  10. domanicoj says:

    It is great to watch the progress! Keep them up, please! That bar is too cool, and that mirror is huge!

  11. indelicatow says:

    I went to RSVP on the link, but it looks like it is full up. I’m bummed, I was planning on going after the LN event with my wife, but I wouldn’t want to be rude and show up if it is full.

  12. hbm-la says:

    Man! My wife would love that bar and mirror in her bathroom. It might fit everything she has. Can we work out a deal?

    I really like the diagonal flooring. Good choice!

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