Make a Moulding Plane this Weekend


From Matt Bickford’s blog (Matt is the author of “Mouldings in Practice“)

This weekend I will be teaching a class at The Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. The students attending this two day class will build a round and leave with the tools, material and understanding to make the matching hollow at home.

We will cover all of the essential elements included in the process: including making a proper fitting wedge, bedding an iron, profiling the sole, creating the matching iron and sharpening profiled edges.

Whether someone intends to make a series of planes for themselves or rehabilitate antique planes, these specific steps are the major necessities.

Come join us!

— Matt Bickford

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5 Responses to Make a Moulding Plane this Weekend

  1. ricklindsey50 says:

    Matt it is my interest to make some planes. Is there any way to get some information on making planes

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  2. Ed Clarke says:

    I took a class there with Matt. He’s an excellent teacher and I’m glad that I went to his class.

  3. ouidavincent says:

    Clark and Williams created a video that outlines how to make side escapement planes. It is available through LN and through Clark and Williams.

  4. Matt,

    That’s a nice looking plane! Where did you happen to find that piece of wood? I’ve been looking for a piece of quarter-sawn beech or cherry for a while now and have come up empty, any recommendations?



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