Marco Terenzi’s Incredible, Small World


The latest issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine features a profile I wrote on Marco Terenzi, a young Michigan woodworker and toolmaker who specializes in making small – really small – stuff.

I got to spend a day with Marco in his shop, which he has had since he was 9, and get a close look at his work. Marco happens to be an incredibly quotable person, so the interview was fun, and learning how he got into this line of work was quite a tale (think: soldering iron and pen turning).

The article is in the February 2016 issue, which you can purchase here. Or spend a few extra dollars and get a year’s subscription to the magazine here.

Below are some extra photos from my visit with Marco that I didn’t have room for in the article.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to Marco Terenzi’s Incredible, Small World

  1. Rachael Boyd says:

    so amazing, nice stuff the detail is unreal

  2. michismichi says:

    The detail he uses in these tiny pieces is amazing!

  3. Bob Jones says:

    Are those castings?

  4. Ryan Cheney says:

    I saw his stuff at Handworks and chatted with him a bit. His work completely blew my mind. The dovetails on the tool chest alone were astonishing. I wish I knew he was from Michigan because I’m from the Big Mitten myself.

  5. Marty Backe says:

    I’d love to know how to do (or attempt to do) some of this. At least the woodworking part of it. I get the feeling that the people who do this are a secretive bunch (unlike most woodworkers) that don’t like to give up their methods. But maybe that’s just my uninformed impression.

    Perhaps there’s a ‘lost art’ book possibility here?

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