Letter: I Do Not Like Where Your Blog is Headed

Gary writes: I’ve tried to hold my tongue, but I cannot do it any longer. You are about to loose me as a subscriber to your blog and you should know why.

First there was Jeff Burk (Burks?), who put up those boring blogs I never could figure out. Thank goodness he left or you got rid of him because I didn’t get it. I learned nothing from it, except where my DELETE key is.

Now we have Suzanne the saucy indexer whose at the same thing. Her attempts to be funny – which landed in my email today, just aren’t. Sorry but its true. You should know.

This blog used to be great, and I learned so much about tools and woodworking. Now its just stupid jokes, photos of old furniture and sophmoric humor.

You should write more about dovetails and panel-raising, for example. I’m building a hope chest for my granddaughter and could use some tips on making panels. How about comparing all the sharpening systems? Or showing how to fix up old tools?

How you respond to this letter will decide if I am going to stay with Lost Arts Press or not.

I’m not trying to come off as mean, just a truth teller.

I know you will never publish this.

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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111 Responses to Letter: I Do Not Like Where Your Blog is Headed

  1. I completely agree with this post.

  2. I like it for all the reasons you don’t.

  3. As much as I would like to feel more academic for enjoying the other posts, I, too, prefer the simple posts about tools, workbenches, work methods, and some historical furniture. Basically, I prefer Chris’s posts. I also will enjoy seeing where this post goes.

  4. I feel this response covers things fairly well: https://youtu.be/yhQql-ZbZmg

  5. xxxmike says:

    i have to go along with Will. I prefer the simple posts about tools, etc., and I usually enjoy all of Chris’s posts. The other’s not so much,

  6. A two for one sale. Neither self-aware, nor good at predicting.

  7. kendewitt608 says:

    Agree with most of what Gary says. History of wood was so lame and now saucy adds a second leg
    to lame. Hope this does not become a three legged stool .

  8. Eric Key says:

    I think that the Saucy Indexer adds a lot of value to LAP…and not just for indexing. The humor is entertaining and the historical pieces she writes helps me to identify with craftsmen of a bygone era. I appreciate the fact that she, and for that matter Chris when he’s in the right mood, makes me engage my brain in a way that I wouldn’t have. The reason I look forward to this blog in my inbox is because it’s not just about how to sharpen my tools but also how to sharpen my mind. When everyone else is saying the same old thing I can count on LAP to give me a breath of fresh air.

    • wadeholloway says:

      I agree with Eric but I also agree with Gary some. While I started deleting the History of Wood after about the first 3 episodes. Some of Saucy I like and some I don’t, and some I just don’t understand but that is probably me. I would also like to say that while I am trying to be truthful I do not want to hurt Saucys feeling or Jeffs feelings. Basically it all boils down to we all are different and like different things. By the Gary congrats on the Grandchildren, they are great.

    • nrhiller says:

      How refreshing it is to read your comment, Eric Key. I don’t often read posts, let alone comments, but in this case the title resonated so deeply that I had to check out both. My only question is whether the letter is real or some bit of Schwarzian satire.

    • diondubbeld says:

      HERE HERE! Well said Eric! There are a million people out there writing about the mundane mechanics of woodworking I can learn about constructing panels and sharpening anywhere, which btw check the archive Chris has written about that stuff already! What I appreciate about LAP blog is their tireless effort to preserve the craft, the variety of writers’ writing styles, and the broad range of wookworking subject matter. and the huge amount of free blog posted Info such as PDFs and photo examples of projects. Those are much appreciated and engaging to read and apply. I never read a blog post no matter who wrote it without learning something new about the craft. I will continue to look forward to reading this blog and will continue to support the work of LAP to preserve the history of the craft.

  9. Sam Morgan says:

    First – Thanks for this blog–I’ve been an avid fan since the first issue of Woodworking (No ads magazine, didn’t know about Chris before that). The letter writer is not wrong about the extraneous postings that seemed to detract from the original focus, though I never really understood how Chris could be so prolific with his blog posts, between traveling, teaching, video-making, authoring, publishing and editing (And responding to squawks about money and free tools!). I don’t subscribe to the e-mails, but I check this site several times a week to see what’s new. For me, there’s more good than bad so far. For the letter writer – Congratulations on having grand-children to build for, and good luck with the hope chest!

  10. Get a life people. LAP can publish what ever it wants on its blog if you don’t like it don’t read it and wait for the next one. I read about 15% of the blogs I subscribe to because not not all subjects interest me. BTW I enjoyed the History of Wood.

    • Well, that would just be logical and doesn’t allow for keyboard warriors to sound off and feel important! 😉

    • I agree. Nobody will be pleased all the time by anyone. I hit DELETE about as often as I read something. Some are great, some not. It’s easy to just opt out if the subject doesn’t interest you. I agree that I was drawn to the more down-and-dirty post where I really learn something but the history is great as well. I wish my blog were anywhere near this good.

  11. twgoebel40 says:

    I’m a senior and I like sophomoric.

  12. bearkatwood says:

    I second the congratulations on having kids to build for. When you eat a chicken leg, do you eat the bone too? You have to spit out the bones sometimes, but the meal is still worth eating isn’t it, for me it is. Nuff said.

  13. Cordell Roy says:

    Jeez. Give it a break. How much are you paying for this blog? Good you’ve discovered the delete key…make yourself happy. Chris’s entries are interesting and informative. Burks was, for me, rather boring. Indexer is okay…I usually read those. History was entertaining, creative and a nice break from the typical. I look forward to future entries.

  14. rwyoung says:

    Best. Fanmail. Ever.

  15. Everyone thinks it’s easy to write a blog (or make videos, or whatever.) As a pro, let me tell you how it works…

    Imagine, for just a moment, that you make furniture for a living. You build chairs, and people love them. Except for the people who just freaking hate chairs and want you to build boxes. So you build chairs AND boxes and think everyone will be happy. But then the chair people want tables to go with their chairs, and why the heck are you wasting their time by showing them boxes? Finally, you decide to build chairs, tables and only a few boxes. But the box people complain that the chair and table people are getting all of the attention. That’s when everyone starts complaining that you wandered to far from your roots anyway, you know, the good old days when you just made chairs. So they tell you where to shove your tables and boxes, and your chairs for that matter.

    That’s the life of a blogger. No wonder Chris went into hiding.

    -Stumpy Nubs

  16. steverennells says:

    I like the blog as is. Stay saucy…

  17. In addition to what Gary said, I would appreciate it if the TV networks would put on something other than reality shows because I really hate watching that stuff. Also, the papers, radio and TV news programs need to stop reporting bad news because I’m tired of hearing about it. 🙄

    • Shel Sanders says:

      This is not the forum for your comments. This blog is about woodworking. I’m glad that you don’t like reality shows, but you better put batteries in your remote. There are dramas, sitcoms, sports, news and educational shows on even basic TV. As for the “bad” news…newspapers and other media report on items that are important to readers and viewers. A lot of today’s events are very bad and affect us drectly. As an Individual you may choose what to read and view.

      • Sorry to have ruffled your feathers. Hyperbole and sarcasm [apparently] aren’t my forte. I was trying to make the same point as you. If someone doesn’t like what CHRIS puts on CHRIS’ blog, no one is stopping them from changing the channel.

    • I see what you did there!

    • Barak Bruerd says:

      Wait – this was hyperbole and sarcasm?! So that must be what the eye roll emoticon is for. 🙄

  18. dknott2013 says:

    I disagree with what Gary has to say…but I defend his right to say it.

    But, let’s think about this a little bit: Chris has a wife and daughters to support. Yes, his wife has a job of her own, which also has demands on her time; and anyone who has struggled to parent teenage daughters can attest to the demands of THAT job.

    Since shortly after he graduated from college, Chris has eaten, slept, breathed–LIVED!–woodworking. He has taught numerous classes, made countless personal appearances, researched and written books, performed and produced many videos, completed untold commission pieces of furniture, and many other activities of which I’m not aware.

    A few years ago, Chris and company pulled the plug on the corporate rat-race, and committed themselves to Lost Art Press, a rat-race of another kind. Now, a few years later, Chris has a new project: he’s bought a building where he will soon live and ply his trade and get on with life. The new building has to be completely remodeled, to make it fit its new purposes. Yet Chris continues to build, research, and write…all while taking on the new demands of deconstruction and construction.

    While he has closed the teaching chapter of his life (at least for the time being) while he works on the new building, he has clearly re-committed himself to communicating with other woodworkers on the Lost Art Press blog. If you think it’s easy to sit down and scroll off blog entries, day after day, try it for a week-or-so. You, too, might be grateful to have people like the Saucy Indexer shoulder the burden every once-in-a-while.

    And while we’re on the subject of blog entries, some of us might try to find the answers to our questions in Chris’ blog archives. If not found there, how about looking for them (horrors!) on other websites? Then we could let Chris do what he wants/needs to do to keep growing as a woodworker and as a human being. After all, that’s the whole idea, right?

    I think Chris’ work speaks for itself, and he doesn’t really need somebody like me to defend him. If some of us would just think before putting fingers to keyboards, we wouldn’t run the risk of coming off as petty and demanding as some of us do.

    Sorry for this rant.

    • hgordon4 says:

      Liked your rant.
      Love Chris’s work and writings.
      Love Saucy’s work and her sense of humor.
      I cannot begin to identify with (though I understand and respect) the original poster’s taste in materials. He is of course entitled to read what he finds useful and enjoyable.
      However I cannot respect someone who complains about, and threatens to stop viewing, something that is FREE. If you were a paying customer, then taking your business elsewhere would have meaning – although even then there are gracious ways of doing so. But this blog costs its readers nothing.
      However, Chris, I will point out that if you are about to loose (sic) the original poster, then that implies you have been restraining him. Of that I do not approve.

  19. toolnut says:

    My kingdom for a blog that will make 100% of the readers happy 100% of the time.

  20. Tom Stork says:

    Totally agree with the critics — Chris needs to spend a LOT more time and effort anticipating what WE want from his blog, and less writing/posting stuff only because HE likes it.

  21. maross1248 says:

    Well said, dnott.

  22. Thank you for providing huge amounts of free content.
    Thank you for giving up your time and effort to share skills, knowledge and experience on the off chance that I might buy your books.
    Please don’t let the ungrateful or simply rude shape your content.

  23. JY Chin says:

    I like where the posts are headed and I like Jeff Burks’s writing especially.

    How much dovetails could you talk about? After all, it is a thing to do instead of to talk. If there is any more joinery to talk about, why not expose the complex Japanese joineries?

  24. Why is this even a discussion topic? Gary expressed his opinion about what he did and didn’t like about the LAP blog. He wasn’t nasty; just dissatisfied. Rather than just abandon the blog he told LAP why he was dissatisfied. Whether or not anyone agrees, or disagrees, with Gary is irrelevant because LAP will decide what they do, or do not, post regardless.

  25. Niels Cosman says:

    This is rich.
    It’s amazing how, people will find just about anything to get upset about, especially the distribution of free content. Content which is easily ignored in comparison the proliferation advertising garbage that is so pervasively forced upon us as consumers of digital content and users of social networks.
    While I commend Gary’s for his previous efforts to “hold his tongue”, I suggest that he takes a deep breath, counts to ten, goes to his happy place and stays there indefinitely. From his fortress of solitude, I recommend that he starts his own publication which would only cover topics specifically suited to him at this particular moment in time . It would be called ” Gary’s Well-Covered Readily-Available-Information Compendium” Which would include articles such as:
    -The Best Set of Chisels for Under $20
    -Pins vs Tails: The Dawn of Joinery
    -The Top 58 Ultimate Sharpening Systems
    -The Lord of the Bits: One Router Table to Rule them All
    -Raising the Dead: Yet Another Article on Panel Raising
    I for one believe that more content is always better than less content, and I appreciate all of the efforts that the entire LAP family contribute for the benefit of the craft and the community.
    Also a big thanks to Gary, you made my afternoon. Never say Never!

  26. Brian Eve says:

    Hey! How come Gary got you’re new email address and I didn’t?


  27. paulinplymouth says:

    Saucy’s index is such an valuable continuing contribution to The Anarchist’s Toolbox that I’d say she should do whatever she likes blogwise, and I’ll read it. Plus, I usually find her stuff interesting or amusing. “History of Wood” was another matter, but presumably, that’s history now (please). And I’m relieved not to be visited with the insufferable 19th C prose of the historical texts. I enjoy Chris’ entries the most, but Saucy should get a free pass and our thanks.

  28. Wow – it’s almost complete anarchy on an anarchistic wood website. Who knew so many people would be so polarized over these blogs. It’s all apart of the package deal and that’s why we check it everyday. This is one of the best blogs around – why change now?

  29. Reading Chris over the years it seems pretty obvious he’s gone in this direction because it’s what HE wants, not what anyone else wants. So…the letter is a good example of someone who couldn’t be more unclear on the concept.

  30. Because there aren’t already plenty of resources on teh interwebs about how to raise a panel or sharpen your chisels…

  31. mctoons555 says:

    Corny jokes? Lots of history? Kind of reminds me of someone else I like to keep tabs on. If he wrote a blog I’d definitely subscribe to and read each one, just like I do with the LAP and PWW blogs. I think the return on my investment is well worth it. Keep up the good work.

  32. I disagree! The historical aspects of this blog are illuminating and if great interest to me. As for the attempts at humor I can take it or leave it. I would love to share a beer or two with Chris and Saucy Indexer provided we aren’t doing “shots”!

  33. clmbva says:

    like the Saucy Indexer. Any post that one doesn’t care for, one is free to skip. This blog is very generous and well written. There’s obviously a lot of work put into it. Where’s the gratitude?

  34. waltamb says:

    At first I thought LAP Blog was just the musings of CS. As other contributors added their blog entries, I realized that it was a benefit to have other insights, research and input.
    I look at it like an all you can eat Buffet.
    If you like Carrots, but not Okra then eat the Carrots and move one.
    I will admit there are some Blog entries (regardless of the author) I like and others I pass over.
    Don’t change a thing!!!
    Anyone who does not like the approach, I personally suggest you welcome this opportunity to take in what you like and skip over the rest or… Unsubscribe.
    It is that simple.
    Thanks to the whole LAP gang for your hard work.

  35. pereqa says:

    Oh how I love this blog, anarchy in its finest!

  36. birdlegscathcart@gmail.com says:

    Completely agree.

    Sent from my iPhone


  37. Sean Hughto says:

    I think you should refund Gary’s blog subscription.

  38. I have and continue to enjoy these blogs, the insights, the humor and the history. I miss Jeff Burk. Hope he comes back at some point. The material he found was amazing. Saucy Indexer is good, different than Burk, but good in her own right. Everybody gets an opinion. This was mine. Keep up the good work! A loyal reader and rookie woodworker.

  39. Dane Johnson says:

    I for one am here for the insights and whimsy of Chris, John and LAP as a whole, and will stay.

    Goodbye Gary.

  40. Tobin says:

    Harry Truman was credited with lamenting the fervor of letter writers with ‘Why is it that only sons-of-bitches know how to lick a stamp?’ I think the same could be asked of those who offer content ‘suggestions’ on blogs such as this.

    For every Gary there are tens, if not hundreds, of us who appreciate every weird, esoteric post that’s come through this blog. I have never read another blog on any topic that has so consistently held my interest over such a length of time as this one. Do I like every single post you’ve ever put up? No, of course not. Would I gladly endure hundreds more posts I don’t care to read for one more ‘AHHA!’ woodworking moment, or even just a chuckle at some Schwarzian snark? Hell yes, a hundred times over. Keep doing what you do.

  41. Tobin says:

    Also, it’s getting harder and harder to find the comment box with all these ads…. oh, wait. Nope, still thanks.

  42. jwatriss says:

    I agree that Chris and his minions should be shacked to writing about banal boring beginner nonsense that’s been covered ad nauseum by almost everybody else, for decades.

    I care not a whit for the centuries of documented history on the topic of craft, craftsmanship, or insights into the same. Woodworking is a hobby now, its future is in the hands of the childish dilettante hobbyist, and they should be pandered to.

    Evolution is for people who care to evolve. If Chris has chosen to evolve, that’s his own choice. New business, new direction, new purpose, fine. That doesn’t mean he has to drag the internet kicking and screaming along for the ride, does it? Certainly Not.

    Mine is the voice of internet feedback. I am a customer, Mine is the power and the glory. Mine is the place to effusively bitch, safe in the knowledge that I Am Someone. And when this humble comment goes viral, you shall all prostrate yourselves before my big, throbbing, important brain. You shall weep, and you shall wail with the burden of the epiphany that has been given to you by my Big. Throbbing. Important. Brain.

    You blog at my pleasure, peasant. Now bow down before me.

  43. raney says:

    My cat can eat a WHOLE watermelon.

    • raney says:

      Where’s the ‘like, but less than watermelon’ button on this damn blog, anyhow?

    • rwyoung says:

      On yeah! Well my watermelon can eat your cat.

      Actually I love cats. But I can never finish a while one.

    • colsdave says:

      My dog ate an entire honeydew melon the size of my head – seeds, rind and all. We wondered why she really, Really, REALLY needed to pee when we got home from the movie until we saw a few stray seeds on the floor and noticed the whole melon was missing. Not the first time we underestimated the counter-surfing ability of Annie the Wonder Weim, nor the last…

  44. pstoffel says:

    I love the posts from Chris and generally pass/delete everything else and would gladly only have Chris’s posts coming to my inbox.

    But of course we all agree that Chris and LAP can do what they like and if we don’t like it we can unsubscribe. I am only posting my opinion above in case Chris is looking for some feedback on what his readers would like to see more of.

    I a glad to see that this discussion has remained very cordial for the most part. Part of what makes me enjoy this on-line community of Schwarz Fanz. 🙂

    Happy Holidays Everybody!

  45. jmwagle86 says:

    Richard Pryor said, the worst part about a woman leaving you is that she tells you why she is leaving. If you want to leave, just leave. Dare I say “be a man”?

  46. timothyvermillion says:

    Buy his books and videos and quit whining.
    You’ll have the knowledge at your fingertips instead of keys of a keyboard.

  47. edhresko says:

    I think Chris could solve everyone’s problem and devote the blog to building birdhouses.

  48. Shel Sanders says:

    The lesson we should take away from your comments is simply that we are free to choose what we read or view. If you don’t approve of the content, move on. My own opinion is that there are more than enough published articles and books on how to raise a panel or cut a dovetail without adding yet another. That is. An opinion, not.a fact. Your opinion is likewise not a fact, except for one thing. You are wrong about the fate of your comments. They were published.

  49. Paul Smith says:

    My two cents worth would be that I enjoy all of the LAP posts. The History of wood got the boot a few times but poop happens. I for one will keep reading and buying books as my meager budget will allow.
    Keep the faith Chris! Thanks,
    Paul Smith
    Humboldt KS.

  50. Mike Baggett says:

    If you could just go ahead ahead and focus your blog on exactly the things I am wanting to do right now. That would be great.

  51. If what a person wants is a sharpening comparison, they could find about 1000 on YouTube from many reliable sources. Seems like Chris and LAP have always targeted the empty space, the missing pieces of written resources. Embrace the fringe.

  52. Eric R says:

    Love Chris’s builds.
    Love Suzanne’s historical posts.
    (She’s a good writer)
    Liked Jeff’s posts, but only a little.
    History of wood sucked.
    Not complaining because the price is right for me…

  53. pathdoc70 says:

    I agree with Gary’s post 100% which expresses my feelings exactly, and I am an original subscriber to your blog.

  54. stevevoigt says:

    Jeez, did you all miss the “satire” tag at the top of the post?
    Chris, you had me going until the line “compare all the sharpening systems,” that’s when you jumped the shark. Still, well done.
    Oh, and how can Raney be commenting; I thought he was dead?

  55. Bob Easton says:

    Dang it!!!!! I lost my “Hurt Feelings” complaint form. I was going to send one to Gary.

    Oh well, it wasn’t saucy enough anyway.

  56. paulstraka says:

    I enjoy both the hardcore wood working post as well as the ones dealing with arses and cutting your throat with chisels ( Chris, DO NOT cut your throat with a chisel). Too much, too serious blogging gets old. Keep it up Chris and Suzane!

  57. paul6000000 says:

    It’s free, so I’ll take off-beat content over no content (except for maybe the History of Wood)

    Susanne’s piece on the German cabinet with the letter was fascinating and I’ve enjoyed Jeff’s stuff a lot.

    A “truth teller”? Jeez. What do people want for nothing.

  58. Paul Sidener says:

    Let me get this straight. Chris is a publisher of woodworking books. He has a blog to post whatever he and his employees like, whether it be wood working or just random thoughts on what is is thinking on that day. I think Gary should buy the books from Lost Art Press, and go to Facebook to see what other people had for lunch. Some people don’t realize a blog is for all the other stuff, that doesn’t fit into a book.

    Christopher and the others at LAP, you do a wonderful job. I enjoy reading the blog. Don’t worry about people like Gary, haters are going to hate. Like he said, he knows where the delete button is. What he doesn’t realize is when it stops fun for you, you will stop doing it.

    Have fun and do what you like.

  59. FIG Woodworks says:

    I like the blog, and its variety

  60. adamwelker says:

    I would like to see a blog dedicated to Raneys cat! A whole watermelon…

  61. Ryan McNabb says:

    Well, I like it, but to be fair I never understood or enjoyed the History of Wood posts.

    I’m sorry, but there is plenty of how-to out there. What we need is more “Why-to”, and also a lot of “here, hold my beer, this is cool.”

  62. Owain Jones says:

    I hate the entire blog , to much woodworking for my taste, three legged stool – whatever next, but I read them anyway.

  63. Brian Clites says:

    Suzanne’s posts are invaluable to understanding the history of our craft. She is one of the most talented digital researchers I have ever met. And she contributes to this blog gratis.

    If she goes, the blog itself should too.

  64. You write a great blog, Chris. Unique perspective, great photos, behind the scenes info, humor. There’s no need to post something every day. As long as its you doing the writing, I’m happy to wait for the next post.

  65. just a couple of comments to add to the stack.

    Thank you for producing a blog I can choose to consume.

    I miss Jeff’s historical posts.

    Keep the Saucy Indexer, she’s a winner.

    Don’t worry about. You didn’t think people were going to build the tool chest. At some point these things resonate with us. Keep doing what your doing.

  66. ouidavincent says:

    Ummm….hey…guys….It looks like Chris wrote that post as one of the other commenters picked up on. Head on over to the “Satire” section where this post is listed and read his other posts in that category. He actually suggests reading the category assigned to a post before responding. Fortunately I wasn’t a first responder or I would have cut loose. Combing through 82 responses allowed me to come to my senses. Now off to buy some woodworking books because I don’t think I have enough.

  67. KampWood says:

    Just keep writing LAP team! All of the team. I’ll just keep reading and wanting more.

  68. Since everyone else is doing this I’ll give my stats: 34 year old, male, father of three with a passion for woodworking, if not the time to build much. (No one cares when you put your “stats” down either so don’t be a jerk…)

    I for one very much appreciate the history of woodworking, which is the foundation of what Chris and L.A.P. is about. So, thanks Jeff. Your hard work and research is appreciated in this corner of the world (the Pacific Northwest).

    The saucy indexer is a bit too “saucy” for my particular taste sometimes, but that’s how it’s always going to be when several writers are involved. Overall the content she produces is great, and it keeps me checking my email to see what’s up next.

    My point in this message is simply to say, keep it up all. Chris and team: thanks for creating something we all care about and turn to for valuable information and entertainment.

    Merry Christmas!

  69. skywalker011 says:

    Hide Chris hide! You are a damn good man and the reason i got serious about my woodworking life is the Anarchists tool chest book. Do what you love and don’t listen to the negatives. Good at ya!

  70. This can’t be a real post. If it is Jesus Christ get a life! If you don’t like something than don’t read it. It doesn’t take long to realize a post isn’t interesting. We can’t find all posts informative, but most often than not your going to learn something. Which in the end is what matters.

  71. Irony, Sarcasm, and blatant humour – love it – keep up the great work! and what did happen to the History of Wood. This post made for a fun evenings read!

  72. I miss History of Wood…,

    Anyone reading this should watch this video. It’s awesome.

  73. adumbiam says:

    this is my first post but if you get rid of Saucy, I swear I’m never reading this blog again. (love you Saucy!!!)

  74. davidmaydole says:

    There is always a knothole in a piece of peckerwood. Keep it up Chris

  75. raney says:

    My dog can eat a whole cat.

    Well, maybe not right after watermelon feeding. But the next day anyway.

    (I can haz afterlife?)

  76. Barak Bruerd says:

    Lets face it – Chris is a hard act to follow. Guess that’s why editor, author, journalist, teacher, photographer, and a few other gigs are on his resume. But the other contributors here are awesome as well. No one is going to love every post. Some I enjoy; some I don’t. But I keep coming back and it’s one of the few blogs I’m consistent on. Keep it up.

    • Barak Bruerd says:

      BTW – This is posted under Satire – and the style has very strong Schwarzian undertones to it. I think Chris is sipping a beer and laughing at the comments as they role thru.

  77. drhuntsman says:

    I think everyone is missing the point here. Who cares what people like or don’t like . . . seriously. Schwartz et al. are marketing geniuses. They post something that is critical of their content rather than try to hide it. Why?

    – builds the brand of integrity – we are all more likely to trust content put out by LAP knowing that they don’t hide and try to be honest to their readers
    – they get a better grasp on what people likened don’t like (this forum is more thoughtful and honest than any survey we could take).
    – builds loyal followers (disciples?) – regardless of what comes from this; everyone on this thread is now more loyal to LAP, even those who may not like some of the content
    – generates conversation – more eyes = more conversation generates more content
    – more content means = more revenue for LAP = more investment in content = more enthusiasm and love for the habit . . . I mean hobby.

    All of what LAP does is wrapped in a bouquet of passion and enthusiasm for craftsmanship.

    . . . . or they could just be blindly fumbling along.

  78. jrwilson75 says:

    i never cared for the History of Wood series, it just wasn’t for me. I do like the majority of Saucy’s posts though. And even with Chris, I like most, but not all, of his posts. That’s the thing with free blogs though. If you want one where every post (or even a lot of the posts) is what you want, you’re probably going to have to just write one yourself.

    The signal to noise ratio here is really good, and the amount of info they give away for free is staggering. If you want more, then help these folks feed their families and buy the books.

    And for goodness sake, if you don’t like having to delete the posts, set up an RSS reeder (Feedly is free and decent), and just keep scrolling past the posts you don’t like. Star the good ones to read after marking all as read. Archive the really, really good stuff or save the really long ones in something like Pocket (my favorite, and also free), Pinboard, Pinterest, etc. I can see how your email inbox filling up with articles you don’t like would be frustrating. But man, if your trying to keep up with more than 1 or 2 blogs in your email, you’re doing it wrong.

  79. eeyoris21 says:

    IT’S FREE!

    Save Gary the trouble and delete him as a subscriber. Let him be bitter on his own time.

  80. hammej1 says:

    I like the history. There are only so many things you can write about woodworking, or items that we can be convinced that we need to buy. But history has a considerable amount of material, much of which has been lost due to nobody caring to record it, or keep track of it. The best way to know where you’re going is looking where you’ve been. Or we can ignore it, pretend it never happened and make our own mistakes. Please leave the lineup as it is, the content here is why I bother to read this blog.

  81. Rachael Boyd says:

    I to find myself looking to see who wrote the piece before I read it. some are ok some are a waist of time but be assured I ain’t bitchen…..

  82. ssayott says:

    Chris’s humor was tongue in cheek and you never knew what you were going to get but it was always amazing. I often wondered what value Jeff Burks offered but as some of you have said it is not my blog, it is probably not easy hosting a blog and oh by the way you do not need to read anything you do not want to.

    Now the Saucy Indexer has again taxed my patience but since I see no value in her posts I automatically delete them when I see them so no harm no fowl (yuk, yuk).

    I applaud Gary for taking the time and having the courage to write what he did and I agree with all that he said EXCEPT, I never plan on not following this blog. Of all the blogs I follow, probably about 12 (and interesting enough most of them I heard about because of Chris) I like LAP the best and will never stop.

  83. At its worst, this blog is worth exactly what I paid for it. At its best, considerably more. In the universe of things, that makes it pretty extrordinary.

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