I Have a Face for Radio


Megan Fitzpatrick of Popular Woodworking Magazine, Andy Brownell of Brownell Furniture and I were interviewed about the state of the woodworking craft during Friday’s “Cincinnati Edition” show on WVXU-FM.

In addition to discussing how to get started in woodworking (hint: it involves a stick), we chatted about how many woodworkers think young people are interested only in their Atari 2600s and Intellivision consoles. I mean, if we can’t stop them from playing Pong, the craft will surely die.

As you might have guessed, I think this attitude is a steaming pile of Oscar Mayer.

You can listed to the show for free via this link.

The producer asked us to come back and do the show again (despite having to bleep out Megan’s potty mouth).

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to I Have a Face for Radio

  1. rwyoung says:

    I am sorely disappointed that nobody took the opportunity to say “schweddy balls” on a pbs radio show.

  2. Brian Clites says:

    I think all three of you are more than photogenic enough for TV! But probably not you and Megan on the same set, because you always seem to bring out that lovingly annoyed expression from her

  3. Niels Cosman says:

    Hear it this morning, great interview. I made me want to go out and make a stick! Haha!
    I apologize for pulling a Gary, but you absolutely should to do a LAP podcast. It would be excellent!

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