Indexing The Anarchist’s Design Book: Butts? Bambi?

imageIn the first 90 pages of “The Anarchist’s Design Book” Chris has used “butt” or “buttocks” thirty-seven times (that might be a slight exaggeration). I know, disturbing isn’t it? Especially when you consider the huge number of other terms he could have used. To name just a few: arse, behind, bottom, bum, derriere, duff, haunches, hinder, rump, tush. Just for clarification there was also some mention of furniture to go along with all the butts.

Your twelve-year old self is probably giggling and thinking, “Butt! Buttocks! That’s my kind of book!” But, I’m a little concerned. Is this a developing theme or concept? Will “Butt” and “Buttocks, see butt” have to go in the index? Well, it wouldn’t be my first time for an unusual index entry; “cupcake” and “tube top” are in the index for “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.”

Putting all the “butts” aside, I was a bit startled when Bambi arrived in Chapter 2. That’s Bambi, as in the cute little fawn, not the cocktail waitress. At this point you might think I’m reading Guillermo del Toro’s remake of Tim Burton’s “Nightmare in Wonderland.” Maybe I am. Those weird wired-legged models are in the book, but so far no white rabbits or clowns.

I may be in for some very disturbing dreams tonight.

Suzanne Ellison

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10 Responses to Indexing The Anarchist’s Design Book: Butts? Bambi?

  1. Sean Yates says:

    The bindings must be outgassing
    some serious fumes…that or the
    library paste?


  2. The twelve year old “humour” is anything but funny . The only thing I dislike about Chis’s writting.


  3. ctregan says:

    Maybe he was speaking of butt chisels and butt joints?


  4. Sam Morgan says:

    For the record, I appreciate your humor!


  5. fitz says:

    There is, however, a notable dearth of squirrels in ADB.

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  6. bbrazil69 says:

    I think we need to get Chris a thesaurus for Christmas!


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