Three New Upcoming DVDs


Because I’m not teaching anytime in the near future (and because I quite enjoy eating), I have time to film three new DVDs with the crew at Popular Woodworking Magazine.

The first one, which we begin filming Monday morning, is the bookcase project from my upcoming book “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” It’s a contemporary bookcase built entirely by hand using nails, dados, rabbets, tongue-and-groove joinery and hide glue.

I spent a lot of time rethinking book storage when designing this piece. As a publisher, book collector and woodworker, I have a lot of things I like and dislike about book storage. I hate sagging shelves. And I think a lot of our choices when using adjustable shelves are ill-conceived.

This project is as much a treatise on bookshelves as a lesson in building something by hand.


The second project is on making chairs without chairmaking tools. It was inspired by the stick chair I built for “The Anarchist’s Design Book,” but I’ll be designing a new (but similar) chair for the DVD.

Many woodworkers are intimidated by chairmaking because of the angles, tools required and the tradition of using green wood. After building chairs for almost 12 years now for customers, I have developed methods for building chairs using cabinetmaking tools.

I don’t have a shavehorse, froe or many other traditional tools. And you can make a gorgeous chair without those tools if you use your noggin.


The third project is the my ambitious yet.

After many years of putting it off, I’ve decided to do a DVD on building “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” from start to finish on DVD. This project will probably eat up a month of time to do right – and I will do it right. During the last five years of building this chest over and over in classes, I’ve learned a few things about making it easier for beginners to build.

And because people actually seem interested in making this chest – which I love as much as my bench – I feel obligated to do this for all those who cannot afford to take a class and need a little help in getting started.

Those of you who know me personally know that I really dislike being on camera. I’d rather have a double colonoscopy. (What’s that? From both ends? Shudder.) But I’ll take a stiff drink in the morning and muddle my way through.

— Christopher Schwarz

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30 Responses to Three New Upcoming DVDs

  1. greenebelly says:

    Count me in! Your efforts are much appreciated. I am going to use them as a learning tool for my daughter. Well watch them together and build the projects together. Thanks again Chris.


  2. A DVD of the chest! Awesome, Chris. Thanks for doing these, but that one especially.


  3. Sergeant82d says:

    Outstanding! Looking forward to at least the second two of those. Glad you’re able to focus more on some projects you’re enjoying (or not).


  4. Paul Sidener says:

    That sounds good. Build a tool chest to hold the tools, that you have talked me into. A bookcase to hold the books, I buy from you. A chair to sit in, while reading the books I bought from you. You have it all covered. Are you doing this on purpose? Sign me up!


  5. joesainz says:

    Shut up and take my money! Honestly I’m scared of what a DVD that takes a month to film will cost, but I will pay it.

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  6. shasebroocknebrrcom says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait!


  7. Jeff Meyer says:

    In the few videos I’ve seen of you, you come across extremely well and your wit is appears under the surface. Please do this video!


  8. quiinc says:

    Chris, I don’t think I could have built your Roorkhee chairs without your very helpful and detailed video on the process. I’d never worked with leather, and some of the tips for the woodworking were much easier to understand with your video demonstration. I love the idea of getting an Anarchist’s Tool Chest video with the same level of detail and thought.


  9. parks2167 says:

    I built the chest and the saw benches. About to start the Roubo bench. I’ll still buy the DVDs just
    for the knowledge I don’t have yet. Keep em coming.


  10. timothyvermillion says:

    I’ll take them all. However, I think an anarchist campaign ice chest would make a good one too. The yeti and its following, makes me mad and I want to build something far superior. With the hardware though it’d probably cost as much as a yeti.


  11. calebjamesplanemaker says:

    These are all cool. >


  12. waltamb says:

    This is Great news!


  13. ctregan says:

    How do people view these? In the shop, or, on the living room couch? I have a “no tele rule” in effect at my shop, but, may make an exception for these.


  14. On the subject of a stiff drink before a shoot, I would pay double, nay triple, for a DVD of a tool chest build during which you slowly drink your way through a staggering number of bottles.

    Chapter 9: Chris rants against the advent of flavored vodka.
    Chapter 12: Chris discusses all the swear words he can think of in 3 minutes.
    Chapter 17: Chris takes a nap.
    Chapter 24: Chris spoils the ending to the new Star Wars film.
    Chapter 32: Chris remembers a few swear words he forgot to mention but 2 of them are made up.


  15. Bob Jones says:

    Typo my instead of most. 🙂
    Can’t wait for the design book.


  16. simonjhillier says:

    A May Zing … Very much looking forward to these, I feel the ATC will need me sending the wife and child away for a weekend so I can devour, with ale !!!


  17. Brian Clites says:

    I tried to shoot my first YouTube video today and it was a disaster! Everything was so easy, until the camera started rolling. Ugh! Other than a morning draught, what’s your secret?!?


  18. ouidavincent says:

    I just finished, for the third time, the Dutch Tool Chest Video from LN. I felt like such a wimp buying the DVD, because, hey, so many people built the chest from the Pop WW article alone. But I bought it and I’m not sorry. Will start the tool chest when I can get back to my shop in 2 weeks, purchased the lumber and it is waiting, patiently, for my return. I was hoping you would make an English Tool Chest video. Count me in, I will buy all three!


  19. “Many woodworkers are intimidated by chairmaking because of the angles, tools required and the tradition of using green wood. After building chairs for almost 12 years now for customers, I have developed methods for building chairs using cabinetmaking tools.”

    Now there’s a video worth shooting. When I finally made up my mind to make a Windsor Chair after reading Galbert’s book, I took stock of what I had and what I still needed. The “still needed” list was pretty intimidating: adze, inshave, travisher, skew chisel (for the lathe), tapered reamer, rounding planes, shavehorse, kiln…It took the better part of a month just to make/acquire the tools.

    Now that I have them, I don’t regret it, but I can see how this could be a sticking point for many woodworkers. Luckily, I’ve been working greenwood for years, so that part doesn’t intimidate me at all.


  20. richardmertens says:

    I love the stick chair, but I why not shape the seat? Is it not necessary for comfort?


  21. Yes. I’ll take one of each ASAP please. 😀


  22. Steve Nygren says:

    Looking forward to the new project DVDs. Thanks for your dedication to the craft.


  23. Dan Zehner says:

    I think a video of you building the ATC while “well lubricated” would be something I could pay good money for. 🙂


  24. Farmer Greg says:

    Oh, how I do love me a good treatise.


  25. nateharold says:

    Definitely interested in the chair DVD. Simple, straightforward design using existing tools… I could add that to my world without disrupting my tiny workspace/storage area/family walkway.


  26. tenwinkle says:

    A year or two ago, more or less (who remembers such things?) I send an email to LAP asking when there would be a DVD on making the ATC and was told in no uncertain terms that it would never happen: too complex, too long, too much other stuff in the queue, just too much… I guess there are no absolutes here or anyplace else. This announcement makes me very happy and anxious to see the result.


    • You are right. We didn’t think it was possible to do it because of the weeks of prep work to do the DVD properly.

      But because I am not teaching for the next couple years, and I have the construction down to the point where I can build these without a cutting list and in my sleep, this seemed the time to do it.


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