Citizens! The LAP Forum ‘Open House’ Approaches!

imageOne last reminder: the LAP Forum ‘Open House’ is tomorrow evening (6 November) from 8 – 10 PM Eastern.

Chris and John are holding the Open House to answer your questions about books, tools and mathematical ratios.

If you want to post a question you will need to log on using your LAP store account. You can set up an account here.

You do not need an account if you only want to read the questions and answers as they pop up on the forum.

Be there and SPQR!

-Suzo Ellison

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11 Responses to Citizens! The LAP Forum ‘Open House’ Approaches!

  1. toolnut says:

    Like the mirror ball. Nice touch.

  2. flatscat says:


  3. rdwilkins says:

    “Start Planing, Quit Ranting”

  4. Ben St John says:

    Quo usque tandem abutere, Christopher, patientia nostra?!

  5. bloksav says:

    Being able to read and speak Latin is so cool
    Quotes just sound better in Latin.

  6. Derek Long says:

    Somebody beat me to the Catiline joke, as it were. Bummer.

    I like Chris’ slouchy better than Catiline’s hunchy pose. Catiline’s pose says “I’m gonna get you sucka,” whereas Chris’ says, “whateva.”

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