Reminder: LAP Forum Open House on November 6

F - O - R - U - M

F – O – R – U – M

Day & Date:  Friday, 6 November 2015

Time:  8 – 10 PM Eastern

What:  Chris and John will answer all your questions about woodworking, LAP books and John’s new career as a tee shirt model.

To participate:  you will need an account in the LAP store to log into the forum. If you have ordered from the store in the last two years you probably have an account. To set up an account: at the top of this page click on HOME in the black bar. On the next page look for the Log in/Create an account section and go from there.

You do not need an account if you only want to read the questions and answers on the forum.

Suzo Ellison

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2 Responses to Reminder: LAP Forum Open House on November 6

  1. Argh, I won’t be able to participate. My burning question is: What is the angle checker, (make and model if possible) Chris uses in the Highland Woodworking shooting board video?


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