‘Virtuoso’ Documentary Now Streaming; And Hammer Posters

VIRTUOSO_Single_sleeve_1(1)Due to excessive brain flatulence (I can’t find my corpus callosum), I forgot to make the “Virtuoso” documentary available for streaming. Yup. Only one month late.

I fixed that today. The video is $18 and is available here. International customers can purchase the streaming video. And the video can be watched on a wide variety of mobile devices. When you buy the documentary, you’ll receive a document that gives you instructions on how to stream it to any device from our Vimeo channel.

You can order the streaming video here.

Also, we’ve sent out all the “With Hammer in Hand” posters that customers ordered this month. We kept a few back to replace any posters that were damaged in shipping. We have put those back-up posters in the store (they are mint and undamaged). Snatch them up now. They are $25 with free shipping.

— Christopher Schwarz


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  1. Any updates on the Workbench book?

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