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Thanks goodness for Suzanne “Saucy Indexer” Ellison, otherwise there would be almost nothing here for you to read. I have been emptying a vein into “The Anarchist’s Design Book” and have been ignoring you. Don’t take it personal.

Meanwhile, lots has been happening with our books that deal with our translation of A.J. Roubo’s “l’Art du menuisier.”

Don Williams and his team are finished with their final clean-up of the the text for “Roubo on Furniture.” I edited their initial translation and it is massive and awesome. I do not use those words lightly. I will receive those text files within the week and will then prepare them for the designer Wesley Tanner.

Yes, there will be a deluxe and a standard edition. But I don’t have any more details than that at this point. We are shooting for a late Spring release in 2016.

In other Roubo news, we have only 16 copies left of the deluxe edition of “Roubo on Marquetry.” This incredibly sexy book won one of the “50 Books of the Year” by the AIGA. It is one of the things we’ve done here at Lost Art Press that I am most proud. Once these 16 copies are gone, they are gone forever. Of course, we will continue to carry the standard version of the book. We are happy to ship this book internationally. Send John Hoffman an e-mail at john@lostartpress.com to arrange international shipping.


Also, we have finally broken even in our printing of Roubo’s “Book of Plates.” This book was a public service. We wanted to create an affordable and enormous book of all the plates in “l’Art du menuisier.” John worked like crazy to make this book work at $100 retail. That’s an incredible bargain for what you get (in my opinion).

We still have 2,200 of these books – enough to last for years, I suppose. But once these are gone, these are gone as well. The good news is that we won’t have to stuff the 100-lb. paper in our clothing for insulation this winter. Yay.

OK, time to stop. This book won’t write itself.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to Update: All Things Roubo

  1. Any idea when you’ll start preorder for the Anarchist’s Design book?

  2. saucyindexer says:

    Good thing you got this post up as I was about to fill the blog void with a picture of woodworking mice.

  3. The Book of Plates is sumptuous. I’ve spent many hours poring over it and feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. I find new ideas every time I look at it.
    Very much looking forward to next spring.

  4. Thanks for the update on Roubo. I can hardly wait! I plan to spend many more hours with the book of plates this winter. It is fabulous!

  5. toolnut says:

    For what it is worth to anyone thinking about buying the Book of Plates, I have the standard edition and while reading, I found myself flipping back to the copy of the plate because I was struggling to see some detail (older eyes) in the smaller sections of the plate that were printed on the page referenced by the text, so I bought the Book of Plates and it is very nice to have the full plate next to me while reading. So if you are planning on buying all the volumes of Roubo that LAP prints and your eyes are aging gracefully then you might want to consider buying the Book of Plates.

  6. turnerjf says:

    Just keep typing, just keep typing, just keep typing……we appreciate the effort of your cramped fingers.


  7. lblack2x4 says:

    I love my copy of the book of plates. its a great book to look through at night for ideas. The furniture looks a bit daunting tough. Maybe that text will help with that.

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