Just 1.2 More Things to Build


Last night I assembled the staked bed I built for “The Anarchist’s Design Book” and finished the CAD sketches for the three-legged-drinking table – the final project I’m building for the book.

I don’t quite have the wood in stock for this project, which means a trip to the lumberyard for some soft maple. Otherwise, I’d be milling that stuff right now instead of typing this ridiculousness.

Oh, and I need to finish veneering one of the tabletops with rawhide. I’ve been experimenting with soaking rawhide, shaping it, gluing it down with hide glue and then letting it dry back to its hardened state. The experiments are working well.


Tomorrow I pull the first skin out of its bath in the garbage can custom soaking station. I’m probably going to need some help getting this cow stuck down. Better call Megan.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. If you ordered a copy of the revised “Workbenches” book from us, I’m picking up the books on Monday, driving them to our Indianapolis warehouse and signing them. So they will hit the mail stream next week.

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9 Responses to Just 1.2 More Things to Build

  1. hughjengine says:

    I’m sure Hannibal Lecter would be happy to assist if Megan is busy.

    Great use of a portable brewing station, too.

  2. c54delzell says:

    Can you check and see if I put in an order for the revised work bench book by Chris. I thought I placed an order but have no record.

    Carey Delzell

  3. Looking forward to getting my hands on that book. Have the first edition in electronic format only. I’ll probably wind up getting the epub for this edition as well.

  4. Esme van Rooyen says:


    Where/When can I order Thee Anarchist’s Design Book!??

    Regards Esme’


  5. Mmm…Rawhide. Damn you Chris, why must you always tempt me with stuff that my wife would never allow in the house?

  6. Greg Betit says:

    My guess is that you are sold out of the current printing of *Workbenche*s. Rats. Email me if I am mistaken.

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