Don’t Let’s Start


One the more difficult parts of writing a book is knowing when to slam the transmission into “park” while going 80 mph.

“The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” was supposed to have plans for five tool chests in it, including Dutch, traveling, gents and Japanese versions. But I soon realized that the additional plans would dilute the central message in the book. And the text was already longer than I wanted it to be.

The same thing is happening with “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” My sketchbook is filled with with more than a dozen new designs that I’d like to build and include with the core 13 projects. But that would delay the book a year, and I’m not sure it would do much more than just make the book thicker.


But then I ordered two full sides of unbleached rawhide today to dive into one aspect of the book that I had rejected months ago. I had a wild and beuatiful idea while looking at some drapes. Plus, I started eyeing my lumber stack to see if I had enough wood to build the refinement of my drinking table (sketch above).

I’ve promised myself (and my family) that this book will be complete by the end of the year. So I best shift into high gear.

— Christopher Schwarz

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13 Responses to Don’t Let’s Start

  1. admiralbumblebee says:

    This is the worst part.

  2. marvthompson says:

    Hmmmm, had me at drinking table….the rest was just kind of blah, blah, lumber stack ;^).

  3. bsrlee says:

    Just slap a ‘Volume One’ on the title, then go with what you feel is a goodly number of projects. All the surplus designs just get folded over into ‘Volume Two’, should only take you another two years or so to get it ready for print ;-). Think of it as a Bi-Annual production.

  4. Dave S says:

    Finish the book George…

  5. Ron Edwars says:

    Beautiful… a slip of the fingers?

  6. Reminds me of the ch008 by Hans Wegner. Great table. >

  7. Derrick Russ says:

    Oh, I so hope the drinking table is in the book.

  8. Bob Jones says:

    Unless you plan on retiring next year, you could just plan a series of books.

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