The Future Began at 10:22 a.m. Today


After about four years of searching and six months of sometimes-agonizing negotiations, Lucy and I closed the deal on the building that will become our home and the headquarters for Lost Art Press.

We have so much work ahead of us that I thought I was going to puke during the final walk-through of the building at 9 a.m. But the nausea has passed and I’m making a list of things to do and phone calls to make.

It’s time to get busy (OK, busier).

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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69 Responses to The Future Began at 10:22 a.m. Today

  1. Woo-woo! Congratulations!

  2. Eric says:

    Congrats Christopher!

    What an exciting milestone for your business!

  3. Congrats! If you need a free labor than you let me know. Just need to plan for it. Free labor how can you say no.

  4. C Hall says:

    Nicely done!

  5. Sergeant82d says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations! We all know that you and Lucy and John and all of your local ‘posse’ will do a fantastic job, and further inspire the rest of us to great things. Again, congratulations!

    Brad Hedges
    Hearth and Homestead
    Stratford, Oklahoma

  6. hbbarbosa says:

    Good luck!! Wish you all the best!


  7. mrogen says:

    We haven’t spoken to each other for some time and given what’s ahead the chances are less.

    But I’m so, so happy for you, your family, John and Lost Art Press in general, it’ll be worth it.
    Good luck on your “new” beginning.


  8. Jordan Tresser says:

    That’s exciting, congratulations. Where is it? I’m hoping its in Connecticut

  9. Fine Wood Tools says:

    My wife and I committed to such an undertaking less than a month ago. It’s a lot of work, best of wishes to your family and your new endeavor.

  10. Brian Clites says:

    Congratulations Chris and Lucy! You can count on me for demo, painting, trim and wiring 🙂

  11. Scott Albert says:

    Simply fantastic!

  12. Jamie Ward says:

    All the best Chris with your new property and future venture!

  13. mcamaleri says:

    Congratulations and good luck!

  14. cspennington says:

    What great news! I second the offer for a helping hand. I am sure you could muster quite a crew from the Cincy/NKY area.

  15. kendewitt608 says:

    congrats. as You know better than me Home depot or Lowes will see a lot more of your money over the next 2 years.

  16. shopsweeper says:

    Congratulations. Is it time to order some Hackett stone for a facade, a lintel, or a mantle – to give your new home some flavor from your childhood.
    (The stone form this part of Arkansas has a high iron content and it will actually rust).

  17. woddawg says:

    Best of luck to you and the missus! A new chapter has begun!


  18. Joel says:

    Congratulations! Welcome to Covington. I work just around the corner from your building.

  19. Frank Vucolo says:

    Wishing you all the best in the new space. Looks like a great building!

  20. calebjamesplanemaker says:

    Hooray! >

  21. hgordon4 says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy the journey!

  22. occasionalww says:

    Hey Chris,
    Best of luck in your new digs.

  23. ejcampbell says:

    Nervousness is good. You’ll be fine.

  24. mysticcarver says:

    Yay! The future is so bright….:)

  25. Eric says:

    Glad to see this happening!

  26. 52woodbutcher says:

    WONDERFUL news, Chris! Best wishes to you, Lucy, and the girls!
    Regards, Wes Faulkenberry, Jr.

  27. Congratulations Chris. I hope you all have a very happy time in that lovely building.

  28. distanttraveler says:

    Hi Chris, I wanted to offer a sympathetic ear to you on your journey. A while back you gave me some helpful advice on hand planes (Thanks again!) . I’d like to return the favor if your ever in a pickle and need a sounding board. Or maybe just to rant about a subcontractor mishap over a beer. Best of luck!

  29. I’ve always been of the mindset that if the beginning of a project doesn’t unsettle your stomach then it just might not be the proper thing to do. Congrats! You may want to bring your evening beer drinking chair over there and sit for a spell with a few suds. Your nerves deserve it!

  30. dknott2013 says:

    Best wishes to the family and LAP.

  31. I’ve always been of the mindset that if the beginning of a project doesn’t unsettle your stomach, then it just might not be worth the trouble. Congrats! Maybe you should bring your evenin’ beer drinking chair over there to partake in a few suds. Your nerves deserve such a treat!!

  32. dandocto says:

    Congratulations, and good luck!

  33. Rachael Boyd says:

    fun times ahead , all the little headaches will be laughed at in the end . good luck, although I think luck has little to do with hard work and a dream..I wish you the best.

  34. Congrats on the next big adventure, Chris and Lucy! Looking forward to watching the progress and the end result!

    You know, Megan, if you’d held out a little longer, you could have had a nice, cat-friendly house in Covington with a great workshop all ready to go! No renovation necessary!

  35. legmakernc says:

    Congratulations! I wish you the very best . Thanks for all you do !

  36. Andrea says:

    Excellent! I will shortly have a keyring to give for your new keys. Take a look at it here and drop me a line with your address please.

  37. rwyoung says:

    Insert joke about removing old carpet in a lesbian bar here.

  38. Keith Jones says:

    Can’t wait to see the great things that come out of that building! (And see inside it too!)

  39. bronzy935 says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to you both. I can not wait to see your progress.

  40. joefromoklahoma says:

    Best wishes! Bonne chance! Bon courage! Bon voyage!

  41. tsstahl says:

    Six months of negotiations? Egads, that’s perseverance.

    Best wishes and very glad it worked out for you!

  42. toolnut says:

    Congratulations to you and your entire family! You’ll be done before you know it.

  43. Fantastic! Congratulations!!

  44. beshriver says:

    I can make it to Kentucky for a few weeks between now and Christmas… Get the old time-store ball rolling… Find the worst job that no one else wants to do, I’ll take it.

  45. giadarola says:

    Congratulations Chris. In the end, all the work in front of you will be well worth it.

  46. roger benton says:

    Congrats man!

  47. Good work to be done. Many congratulations

  48. Judith Katz says:

    congrats. In the words of someone smarter than me “live long and prosper”

  49. Congratulations and best wishes, Chris Rick

    Sent from my iPad

  50. erikhinkston says:

    Congratulations, the future is bright indeed. Good luck, pace yourself.

  51. Niels Cosman says:

    B O O M ! ! !
    Congratulations Chris!

  52. abtuser says:

    Great new Chris and family. Congrats. I do hope we get pics of the work. Or, I do know of this editor over at Popular Woodworking that has a lot of experience photographing that kind of work. Maybe she can be coaxed into taking a few pics of the process.

  53. Dave DTR says:


  54. Ian Elley says:

    Congratulations, good luck for the future !!!!

  55. jwb669 says:

    Congratulations on the big milestone. The future starts now!

  56. Congrats to the Schwarz family, John and LAP! I am not far away if you need a hand, pickup truck, or a kick in the pants! Good luck on this new adventure. Justin

  57. flatironjoe says:

    Sincere congratulations! Lots of work ahead, but when it’s working toward realizing your dream, it’s always more exciting than daunting. What a great step forward! Can’t wait to see where it all leads. Any like all the others, I’d be happy to be a time-store customer at any point.

  58. texasbelliott says:

    Congrats to y’all! What an exciting and scary time. I only wish Texas wasn’t so far, I’d be happy to lend a hand and provide some tasty refreshments.

    Will there be an open house we can all plan for?

  59. Bob says:

    I started my own business 24 years ago. Big investment and took some time till my first paycheck but I loved every minute of it at the time. Still enjoy my work and have no regrets. Best of luck to you guys and hopefully you enjoy the beginning as well!

  60. mjbukrey says:

    Congrats sir! Good luck digging in and retrofitting the new compound. It will be exciting to see how you will adapt the space for LAP and your studio.

  61. Congrats and good luck. We’ll be closing on a new house soon, and that’s a pain in the rear. I couldn’t imagine how difficult this might be.

  62. Congratulations! I look forward to the updates.

  63. Paul Fowler says:

    Break a Leg. To think I was reading you when you were only a Contributing Editor!

    not literary prose, but from the Heart………

  64. Mike says:

    Great news! Congratulations and all the best! With your new Home!

  65. Dan Zehner says:

    Congratulations! I’m hoping you guys have a good housewarming party there!

  66. Kevin Thomas says:

    Congrats, Chris. Your future looks bright.

  67. A fitting looking home for Lost Art Press. Congratulations and bon chance’!

  68. Bill Melidones says:

    I’m retired, let me know if you need a hand, Seriously. Built my own place in ’97 and remodeled several others since, so I have some experience.

    My wife asked: If you’re retired, doesn’t that men you’ve had to be tired at least once before?

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