‘Virtuoso’ DVD now Available for Pre-publication Ordering

VIRTUOSO_Single_sleeve_1(1)You can now place your order for our DVD documentary on the H.O. Studley tool cabinet and workbench, which is entitled “Virtuoso.”

The DVD will ship in late September. Domestic customers who order before Sept. 25, 2015, will receive free shipping on the DVD, which is $20. Visit our store here for details.

When the DVD begins shipping, we then will offer the documentary as a streaming video for $18 that you will be able to watch from any computer or mobile device. Because of a contractual obligation, we cannot sell the streaming video until the DVD is released.

Also, we will not be bundling the DVD, streaming video or book into any bundles with discounts. The price you see now is price everything will still be in a month or year. We do this for two reasons: So that we don’t punish loyal customers who buy books and DVDs as soon as they are released. And so we treat everyone the same, one of our guiding ethics.

The footage for the DVD was shot during the four-year study of Studley’s iconic tool cabinet for the book ‘Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet & Workbench of H.O. Studley,’ and interviewed the book’s author and photographer. Here is a short trailer.

The result is a 1 hour 13 minute documentary on the cabinet, the man who built it and the intense four-year journey to document the cabinet, its contents and the recently discovered workbench.

In addition to interviews, the DVD includes footage of author Don Williams unloading every tool from the cabinet, which is set to an original musical score so you can experience how every tool fits into the hinged panels of this mahogany and ebony masterpiece.

You can read more on the making of this DVD in this blog entry from its editor, Ben Strano.

— Christopher Schwarz

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2 Responses to ‘Virtuoso’ DVD now Available for Pre-publication Ordering

  1. Stumpy Nubs says:

    I planned on buying this. But since I have the book, I wasn’t in that big of a hurry to get the DVD. Then I watched that 2:00 preview… I’m getting in my truck and heading East. Have one waiting for me when I get there.

  2. edfurlong says:

    Thanks for making this available Chris and CO. I just preordered.

    I went to the Studley exhibit in Cedar Rapids twice and still feel that I hardly comprehended the magnificence, complexity, and genius of this work. I have been slowly poring over the book to learn more and the video will be an incredible complement to that study. Keep up the great work–your are not only serving this generation of woodworkers, but woodworkers to come!

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