‘By Hound & Eye’ is Here. Special Offer Ending

HOUND_coverAWe’ve just received our shipment of “By Hound & Eye” – the cartoon workbook that will open your eyes to the hidden geometry behind excellent furniture.

The shipment is early – way early. We were expecting it in mid-September. And so we are going to end our special pre-publication offer early as well. (Sorry. FYI, when a book is late, we extend the pre-publication offer.)

So if you want a copy of “By Hound & Eye” with a free download of the book, you have until Sept. 4 to order. After that, the free pdf will not be available.

If you ordered a copy of “By Hound & Eye,” it will be packed up Monday and sent via SmartPost, which can take five to seven business days. We’ve also shipped out copies to all our retailers. We don’t know when they’ll add them to their stores, so keep a sharp eye out.

I haven’t seen the physical printed book (I’m in England right now). but I’m very much looking forward to seeing our first softcover workbook.

— Christopher Schwarz

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2 Responses to ‘By Hound & Eye’ is Here. Special Offer Ending

  1. Steve Jones says:

    Bought, downloaded, and read the first 20 pages or so. I’m impressed! Now back to my reading….

  2. I bought the book, downloaded the PDF, and I have started to do the drawing exercises. I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a class conducted by George Walker at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in early August. The material in this book (and in “By Hand and Eye”) is dynamite. There are a lot of classes on woodworking skills and how to build things with wood, but there is relatively few about design and how craftsmen over the centuries designed the beautiful articles they created. That’s why this book is such a gem. It is absolutely amazing what can be done with just a stick, a piece of string and a pair of dividers!

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