So Wrong: The ‘Satire’ Category

I’ve added a new category to the Lost Art Press blog: Satire.

So now when I write a satirical piece, such as this, this or this, it will be filed in the “satire” category, which is shown at the bottom of each post below my signature.

I won’t stop writing satire, as it is an effective writing form. But I also know that it upsets some people when they don’t get it.

So from now on, check the categories below a post before you start bloviating.

Next up: A “fart jokes” category.

— Christopher Schwarz

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20 Responses to So Wrong: The ‘Satire’ Category

  1. Wait, shouldn’t THIS post go under the “Techniques” category?

  2. Should we footnote Raney references?

    • I should add a “That’s So Raney” category.

      • raney says:

        I have decided to rename myself again, to finally escape the specter of death by woodworking satire.

        I am currently leaning toward ‘Thunderclap With Cheese’. My wife, however, is pushing very hard for Rainbow McTwitchy. I think she is merely seeking grounds for divorce, though, so I have thus far rejected it out of hand.

        I think you really need to lead satirical posts with a trigger warning for those who are somewhat humor challenged, or from the west coast.

  3. kv41 says:

    But wouldn’t fart jokes fit nicely in an adolescent humor category?

  4. Dave Reedy says:

    You must be referring the the “silent but deadly” type, otherwise deaf people would hear them as well.

  5. Dave Reedy says:

    Hmm, a post about satire in a “satire category. I don’t get it.

  6. bobprime0 says:

    So if this post is marked as satire does that mean that you won’t be putting satire in the satire category? In which case this post isn’t satire meaning thing in the satire category are satire meaning this post is satire….

    Wooo, this is making my brain hurt. I need to clear my head so I am going to go take a micrometer to my corn leaves to see how well it is growing. That is how you measure garden performance right?

  7. Adam Palmer says:

    I don’t know, one of my favorite parts of this blog is the weird response to some of your posts. There’s something funny and charming about uptight people on the internet.

  8. bgall3 says:

    Why not go the whole way and head up the post: ‘THIS IS SATIRE’?
    Might take the sting out, I suppose, but if you have to explain it maybe it wasn’t funny in the first place….

  9. Brian says:

    Please accept this as a friendly pre-notification that I’m suing you for reimbursement of my 6 custom-made ebony-inlaid mahogony bench hooks. They cost $485 each, and I burned all of them because of your “satire.”

  10. Stumpy Nubs says:

    I’d like to try some satire someday. I think I may be good at it.

  11. tesla77 says:

    Thanks, Chris. I can die peacefully now.

  12. Ryan Starkey says:

    I’m so ashamed you got me with the “On the misuse of jigs” post!

  13. Niels Cosman says:

    *facepalm, head shaking*

  14. Morganew says:

    I’m looking forward to a post headlined “A modest proposal for improving your finish” wherein Irish Babies are part of the finish.

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