‘Don’t Let ________ Get in the Way of Your Woodworking’


One of my favorite woodworking quotes from the late John Brown is: “By all means read what the experts have to say. Just don’t let it get in the way of your woodworking.”

This morning I was thinking about this quote, and it occurred to me that there are so many other things that can get in the way of woodworking and building useful things. So I created this MadLib in the title of this post and began filling it with things that weren’t the word “fart” or “poo-poo.”

Here are a few:

tool acquisition
lack of tools
lack of skills
lack of a shop
tool minutiae
YouTube videos

— Christopher Schwarz

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21 Responses to ‘Don’t Let ________ Get in the Way of Your Woodworking’

  1. marvthompson says:

    Here, here. So true in any endeavor. Good chuckle on the poo poo and fart reference. Guess I’ll always be 12 at heart…..

  2. “…Lumberjocks…” (or in fact any other Internet forum).

  3. martingreen1511 says:

    Don’t let “the experts” get in the way of woodworking or “shifty eyed students”

  4. miathet says:

    I would say definitely the internet, put down the tablet and build something. I have a few co-workers who are amazed I can build anything without the perfect tool or more research.

  5. kendewitt608 says:

    Lack of time

  6. I made a kayak oar two years ago bonded with standard wood glue, those with woodworking knowledge are amazed that it is still together and working. If I had put off the project until I found the proper marine grade glue I wouldn’t have the oar to this day…

  7. Jeremy says:

    I always loved Madlibs.
    How about “Family” or “House payments” that sort of changes the tone a bit though it’s also at times true.

  8. hikerob says:

    Don’t let overtime get in your way of woodworking or the TV, even baseball games !!!

  9. visualjay says:

    Don’t let perfection get in the way of woodworking…
    Sometimes it really is ‘good enough’

    • errorcode3203 says:

      I was thinking imperfections, but I feel we were on the same page. I’ve been slowly working on raised cabinet doors(my first project all hand tools). They have changed shape around 4 times now due to imperfections…(just got to keep moving forward and learning)

  10. Rodents
    Your partner
    Chopped off limbs
    Leonardo DaVinci

  11. abtuser says:

    ‘woodworkers block’
    big box lumber
    kitties (be gentle)
    small cars
    high heat
    high humidity

  12. stevevoigt says:


  13. admiralbumblebee says:

    I read this post instead of woodworking.

  14. Lack of pallet wood.

  15. woddawg says:

    Reminds me of my favorite Twain quote: “Don’t let your schoolin get in the way of your education.”

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