Marco Terenzi Interview from 2015

After Marco Terenzi completed his quarter-scale replica of my “Anarchist’s Tool Chest,” Paul Mayon of the New English Workshop conducted this short interview about the making of the chest. He interviewed Marco and then (briefly) me about the chest.

While watching the video I was struck by how Marco kept staring only at the chest. I kept thinking: Marco – look at the interviewer! Come on!

Of course, the entire time I’m on screen I can only stare at the chest myself.

Check it out.

— Christopher Schwarz

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5 Responses to Marco Terenzi Interview from 2015

  1. Why does it look like he is being interviewed in prison?

  2. nealm44 says:

    I loved Mr. Terenzi’s reaction to the question about the tools used on the project. Sort of “well, yeah, of course I made a 2″ long dovetail saw and so on”.

  3. Jonas Baker says:

    When will he make a miniature of the Studley tool chest? This guy has the talent, patience, and dedication (and time management) that I’m sure Studley had as well. His instagram page is awe inspiring.

  4. A one-quarter scale version of The Anarchist’s Tool Chest book? You can do it Chris!!

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