I Speak Hayward…Though it’s Difficult

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I’m so very close to completing the copy edit on the forthcoming Lost Art Press book, “The Woodworker: The Charles Hayward Years.” I then have to traipse over to Kentucky to update the files, then there’s another edit round from Christopher Schwarz, more changes, a few design tweaks no doubt, another edit?…in other words, while Chris and his business partner, John Hoffman, are fighting to publish before the end of the year, they’ve the luxury (and good sense) of waiting until it’s unquestionably ready for prime time.

And I’ll admit, were Chris not busy teaching in England right now, I’d probably be a disappointment; I’m now two days behind my promised deadline of mid-July (which to me means July 15). In my defense, I’d not seen the volumes of work when I agreed to said deadline. That, however, is not the real problem. I am the problem.

In addition to…

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  1. Ryan McNabb says:

    Wait a minute…if THESE are cramps, then what are these things in my abdomen?

  2. proclus153 says:

    I was so pleased that I had to Inform my wife when, in reading the reprint of Carpentry and Joinery Illustrated, I discovered that the transitive verb phrase sometimes used to describe rough planing the non-face side of a board with a jack plane is “jack off”.

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