The Hazards of Translating Felibien


F Fra giovanni da Verone Fra Giovanni da Verona…

The interesting thing about translating André Felibien’s “Des Principes de L’Architecture is how interesting it is, and how hazardous a simple whim, a passing, “I wonder” can be.

There is the angel of my better nature, asking me “You going to wrap this up and get it off before the next ice age?”

On the other shoulder, the devil in the details is whispering “I’d bet you can find some of the work Felibien is talking about when he writes “There was in Florence a Filippo Brunelesco, and a Benedetto da Maiano, who started to create the best works that can still be seen today.”

The angel scolds, “The day is advancing, your long-suffering wife is starting to make also need to finish building the bathroom, and given that you are supposed to be translating Felibien you might get on with, um, translating Felibien.”

F1 guiliano Da Maiano Guiliano da…

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  1. Ha, this sounds like me whenever I had opportunity or reason to do research in the rare books collection in grad school. Geek rabbit holes galore.


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