Last Chance to Join ‘The Dovetail Death March’ followed by ‘The Veneering Can Can’


Yes, you can still do this. It’s getting close, but two weeks hard work is still available to you.
Chris has agreed to come to Rowden Workshops in beautiful Devon in England on Monday 24th August until Friday 4th September. He is here to show our students how to build his Travelling Tool Cabinet. This will be a shock to our guys who are used to gentle tapping and slow precise making. Good.

In the second week Chis is going to join the students and follow the veneering of the interior lid and the covers for the tills. We are going to show modern dry lay ups that are taped up then go in the press and we are going to show traditional wet, hide glue cut and fit work. You will do one panel in each process. The designs which we are still working on are probably in satinwood and and rosewood are shown above.

There is provision for eight guests to the Rowden Woody Family. We nearly have a full class of 20 and we are cutting timber for 20 but two have fallen away at the last minute. If you would like to take one of those two places, please get in touch.  Rachel who runs Rowden ( will be able to help you find accommodation and sort the details . The cost of the two week course is £2000 inclusive of all materials. We have tools for you so you don’t have to travel with a tool kit.

Two weeks of what we hope will be a stunning, creative, exhausting woody thrash.

Find out about Rowden here

See you in August!

— David Savage

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