You Say Relaxation, I Say….


The Flag Halyard Chair GE225 (1950)

“Even when (Hans) Wegner was vacationing at his summer cottage with his family and some friends, his mind never stopped working. One day at the beach, he dug a hollow in some sand to experiment with sitting positions and found one in which you could be reclining and yet still see your surroundings, thereby inventing a new way for a chair to hold someone. With the design of the Flag Halyard Chair, Wegner proved – just as he had with the three shell chair – that he could create something radically innovative with new materials. There is little of the cabinetmaker’s tradition in the chair, but there is plenty of handiwork for the person tasked with covering the chair in 250 meters of flag halyard.”


“Kaare Klint said that it (The Flag Halyard) reminded him of a chair for a gynecological exam.”

— Both quotes are from “Wegner: Just One Good Chair” (Hatje Cantz) by Christian Holmsted Olesen

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8 Responses to You Say Relaxation, I Say….

  1. I was unaware that Kaare Klint was an OBGYN. But he must have been, because he certainly wasn’t a woman.

  2. none of the ladies I know would sit in that either.

  3. fitz says:

    Also, Kaare, they are not comfortable.

  4. Even though there isn’t a fiber of wood in sight, I like the form. I could make for a comfortable reading chair.

  5. m46opie says:

    Not seeing any halyard, or a flag. But maybe that’s just me.
    Mark Singleton
    Santa Maria, Ca

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