Psst. Want to See Some Curvy French Beauties?


Click here.

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4 Responses to Psst. Want to See Some Curvy French Beauties?

  1. How did I not know about this? These are great. I’ve been looking for something more robust than the cheap plastic one’s I’ve been using and frequently break.

  2. calebjamesplanemaker says:

    I was wondering why they called them Roubo Curves. Buzz word alert. 😁


  3. ctregan says:

    Looks like the humble beginnings of a chair?

  4. woodworkerme says:

    very nice. a little on the pricey side. when I come across a curve that I like I copy it and make a template to hang on the wall. then when I need to make a nice curve I can combine different patterns to get something I like.I can see that if I had these life would be easier.

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