Chair Plans Now Available for Download


The full-size plans for “Chairmaker’s Notebook” are now available in both printed form and as a pdf. The electronic version is ideal for international customers or those who would rather have the plans printed out at a reprographics firm and get them rolled instead of folded.

Rolling the printed plans and shipping them is simply impossible for us, I’m afraid.

The pdf version is $20 and – like the printed plans – produces a 36” x 48” sheet. This is a fairly standard size that most reprographics companies can handle.

If you live in the United States you can have Staples print them for you and roll them. Check out this page. This is how we proofed the plans. You can upload the file to Staples and they will output it the same day. They will even deliver it to you.

— Christopher Schwarz

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12 Responses to Chair Plans Now Available for Download

  1. Ack. Just bought the paper one yesterday. Any plans to offer a “both” option?

  2. Stefan Rusek says:

    I was meh about the printed plans, but this option is tempting. I would print 2 copies and use one to make mdf/plywood templates.

  3. skywalker011 says:

    Just an fyi, my company does printing too. This should work wonderfully on poster paper. I think a 36×48″ is $25 plus shipping. Im not sure of staples pricing comparatively. I dont mean to highjack, interupt, sale, or even troll the thread. Ive been reading this blog for years and every now and then something we can do comes up, so i thought it may be a good time to say something. Just throwing it out there.

  4. skywalker011 says:

    Just checked the staples link. And they are much cheaper. Oh well. Im sure ours are higher quality paper, but not worth it in this instance. Sry to interrupt…

  5. Alan Garner says:

    Ordered the download and received a file that starts “24 x 36 . . . NOT 36 by 48 as it says in the email.

    Certainly would want one that will print out crisply at 36 by 48.

    Anything I need to do?

    Alan Garner

  6. lwprecht says:

    Thanks Chris! This is a great solution. A poster as a guide me in the shop. And I can print off parts to glue to templates.

  7. John Wheeler says:

    How long does it take to get the download of the plans? I may have ordered several as the complete order tab didn’t seem to be working.

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  8. John Wheeler says:

    I order PDF plans I have not received confirmation did it go through?

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