The Tiniest Tool Chest at Handworks (Natch)


This photo is kind of difficult to interpret. The big chest is 1:4 scale (about 9” long). The small one is 1:10. It is Marco Terenzi’s work, of course.

Both will be at Handworks this weekend, along with so much other cool stuff that I won’t be able to see it all.

By the way, Marco makes micro tools for sale, so follow him on Instagram. You never know when you might be zapped by a shrink ray and need a 1:4 scale hammer to fight rabid chipmunks.

— Christopher Schwarz

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4 Responses to The Tiniest Tool Chest at Handworks (Natch)

  1. tsstahl says:

    …and a scale model wood floor to display it on. Remarkable.

  2. A steady hand, and a great eye. Marco’s work is amazing.

  3. Joe Eberle says:

    I sure there’s enough hours in Friday and Saturday to see everything. I’m leaving Milwaukee at 4am to get there in time.

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