Full-size Chair Plans in the Works


In conjunction with Peter Galbert’s “Chairmaker’s Notebook,” we will soon be offering full-size plans of the two chairs shown in the book.

The plans were hand-drawn by Peter at full scale. I’ve been scanning and piecing together all the bits, trying to produce them on the fewest sheets possible. It is taking me longer than I expected.

I don’t have pricing information or a release date yet. We will be using a print-on-demand service to produce and mail them, and I am still working out some details with that company.

So stay tuned.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  1. frpaulas says:


  2. drwaynemerhoff says:

    I hope they are ready before I take his class in June. Wayne Merhoff

  3. The plans look great. Very detailed. Doesn’t surprise me considering the illustration for the book.

  4. bloksav says:

    A bit off topic.
    I love that you can use the bog oak for a project like this.
    It looks great and seems appropriate regarding the time of origin for such a table.


    • Jonas,

      I am hoarding the stuff you and your father gave me, using tiny bits and pieces on things that are very important to me. Thanks again for the very generous gift.

      I tried to build a try square using the bog oak, but I think the tree grew on a hillside; it has significant tension in it. So I have been using the wood for tool handles and details such as this. Nothing goes to waste. The off-cuts from this patch have been saved as wedges.

      All best,


  5. toolnut says:


  6. sjschmidtky says:

    Will they be rolled (so suitable for framing) or folded for sending?

    Thanks, Steve

  7. That would make a really cool t-shirt

  8. John Koten says:

    Chris: Check this out. Think it will generate some excitement at Handworks,


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