More Chests than a Hooters and SAPFM Mash-up


I know it’s too late to convince you to come to Handworks. But it’s not too late to make you feel bad about skipping it to attend your daughter’s wedding.

In addition to the H.O. Studley tool cabinet in nearby Cedar Rapids, Jameel “Jamal Alabama” Abraham of Benchcrafted will be exhibiting the traveling tool chest that he and I collaborated on early this year for the August 2015 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. The chest features a silence-inducing carved marquetry lid that was designed and executed by Jameel.

Read about it here and get a peek at the upcoming magazine cover.

In addition to that, Jameel says there will be two other special chests on display at the Benchcrafted booth by some young woodworkers that you won’t want to miss.


And if that’s not enough, Marco Terenzi will be displaying his 1/4-scale Anarchist’s Tool Chest (I think it will be in our booth), which is on a stateside tour from its home in England. This thing is sick. Also, Marco tells me he is bringing one other tool chest to Handworks that – if it makes it – should make you freak.

And in addition to that, I’ll be baring my chest at the top of every hour. Just to get attention.

— Christopher Schwarz

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16 Responses to More Chests than a Hooters and SAPFM Mash-up

  1. mrogen says:

    **Chris if this is inappropriate I have no issue at all in not allowing it to go up. None at all. Michael

    There are a few things I managed to see just by being born when I was, September 21, 1958. In a little ole town called Brooklyn, NY, you may have heard stuff said about it. Let’s see, I went to the 1964 Worlds Fair, which was built almost right along side of Shea Stadium whose NY Mets were supposed to make all Brooklynites and NYers forgot Dem Bums, a The Brooklyn Dodgers and the NY Giants who had none other than the greatest living baseball player EVER! Willie Mays. Some things you just can’t forget.
    So I saw the Mets win that most improbable World Series go 69, the Knicks twice in the early seventies and even my NY Rangers won a Stanley Cup in Hockey in 1985? There were other things as well, like the birth of my son Zeke who is 17 and is the reason I have any hope left that I may just get to one of these events before they end or I do
    These events are about all the happy, fun, things we all love about hand tools and woodworking in general. These things, this particular event will never be repeated. So when Don or Chris say “One Time Only” that’s the real deal folks. No BS. So thank you Jameel and family. The same to Don Williams and all of the other people who have helped out in so many ways.
    I want to say to all this now because I won’t be bake to make it next week. Those of you that know me, well you know why.

    Have a wonderful time.


    Working wood with ALS

    • Michael,

      Not everyone can be there. So we hope the book will help you experience the cabinet and bench in a deep deep way.

      Rock on, sir.

  2. marvthompson says:

    Well, this just keeps getting better and better! You folks are putting together a first class show and it is much appreciated. Hopefully it will be warmer than 2 years ago for your hourly expose…..

  3. Jeremy says:

    Pretty sure all the chests mentioned should be painted or otherwise covered on the outside.

    I wasn’t aware that Marco was going to be there, that turns the weekend that is already way past 10, past 11, to at least a couple more notches higher yet.

  4. stradlad68 says:

    I can just see the advertisements: Appearing for 2 nights only in the Amana Festhalle: Christopher “Chesty” Schwarz.

    PS–inquiring minds want to know: any relation to Chesty Morgan?

  5. mcdara says:

    As usual, I am giddy with excitement over the chance to see this event. I wonder if more people would come if they knew they might have a chance to take a swing at McDara? Probably not (I hope.)

  6. KampWood says:

    If he did a 1/4 scale Studley it would be jaw dropping. Granted I’m toeing holy ground but the idea of it boggles the mind and is enthralling all at once.

  7. I’ve always wondered: what kind of wood is Marco using for these scaled-down pieces? I don’t mean species (this looks like pine to me); but how does he get the grain to match the scale of the piece? Is he processing small branches into small lumber? To my thinking, if one used “regular” lumber, the huge grain would ruin the illusion. Just curious.

  8. misterlinn says:

    I’ve been to a Hooters in Houston, but what on Earth is a SAPFM?

    Pesky Americans. Got all the best shows.

  9. Ryan says:

    Sounds great, Chris, thanks. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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