Dutch Tool Chest DVD Now Available from Lie-Nielsen


After many requests from readers, I shot a DVD with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks on making a Dutch tool chest, and the DVD is now available from Lie-Nielsen.

thumbnail,w_500,h_500,m_aAt 185 minutes, the DVD covers all aspects of chest construction, from design and stock selection to hardware installation and finishing. The work is entirely by hand.

In the DVD I show how to build the smaller chest, which has one bay below the main tool well. But the DVD contains cutting lists and plans for both the small and large chests. It also includes plans for the mobile roll-around cart I built as a lower storage unit (free plans are here).

As always, the Lie-Nielsen crew was great to work with. They always allow me to use my own tools and my approach to the work. They’ve never asked me to use or promote Lie-Nielsen tools in any DVD. I consider this classy, though I know it befuddles some people.

The DVD set is $40 and is available now from Lie-Nielsen.

— Christopher Schwarz


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16 Responses to Dutch Tool Chest DVD Now Available from Lie-Nielsen

  1. mrogen says:

    I finished watching the DVD Saturday morning and in my opinion it’s your best to date. You have achieved a very high level of ease that allows you to deliver the material to the viewer with all of your personality traits included.
    I felt the only thing I needed to get started on building the Dutch Chest was waking someone to drive me to the lumber yard.

    Well done Chris

    Michael. – Working Wood with ALS

  2. No download 😦
    I’m living overseas, I don’t want to pay twice the DVD price in shipping, handling & taxes! Please tell them to offer a download version! I beg you.

    • I just received a note from the Lie-Nielsen folks that they are working on offering a download – as I type this. They will then sell both downloads and the old-fashioned DVDs.

      • martin says:

        This is great news! Seeing as how I don’t actually own a DVD player or even a computer that will play a DVD, this has been stopping me from taking the plunge on any of the lie nielsen library.

      • meanmna says:


        Are any of your other LN videos available via download? If so, I cannot find them on the LN site. I have three of your videos from PWW via download – “TheAnarchist’sToolChest,” “Build a Campaign Chair,” and “Hand Plane Basics” – and two via DVD – “Super Tune a Hand Plane” and the latest Dutch Chest DVD. I definitely prefer the download versions so I can watch on flights during business travel.


  3. Chris

    Do LOST ART PRESS still sells those cards with your signature on them?
    If so, can I purchase one to be included with my VIRTUOSO book?


    • We don’t sell the bookplates. They come free with any book that I have written.

      As I didn’t write “Virtuoso,” we won’t be shipping bookplates with that book.

      Sorry we don’t sell the bookplates. We offered them at cost years ago but got beat up for “selling” a signature. Sigh.


  4. Ryan Starkey says:

    I think that’s amazing that Lie-Nielson didn’t promote their tools through you. That’s great they didn’t push that. I suppose anyone getting into handwork seriously would look at their products anyway though. (Their low angle block plane is wonderful) I’m vacationing in Maine soon and will stop by for sure.

  5. abtuser says:

    I already own the Dutch Tool Chest DVD. Though I wasn’t sure I was ready for a video that included a significant portion of bare chest. I guess I’ll just have to evolve.

  6. meanmna says:

    I got it at the Charleston Hand Tool event. I have been making very little progress in mine for a while but after watching the DVD I am motivated to get it finished.

  7. Just placed my order!

  8. revwarvet says:


    I have to completely concur with Michael. I watched it last week and was totally satisfied. Just like with your saw bench DVD, the DVD contains very sound basic WW techniques. I found several basic details that would have passed me by, had you not brought attention to them. Thanks so much for the offering.

  9. Dan Zehner says:

    “The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. ”

    I think you broke Lie Nielsen with the popularity of this DVD! I’m about to build a chest for a friend of mine, and this will really help out! He’s planning on using it to house his Warhammer 40,000 miniatures, not hand tools, in it. Yes, this will be weird and awesome. 😀 I’m going to have to chronicle all the funny looks he gets at the local game store!

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