Pre-publication Orders for ‘Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley’


At 5 p.m. EST on Wednesday, April 1, we will begin taking pre-publication orders for the long-awaited book “Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley” by Don Williams with photographs by Narayan Nayar.

The book will be $49 with free shipping for domestic customers if ordered before May 13, 2015. That is the day the book will be released and shipped.

Also, the first 1,000 orders will receive a commemorative full-color postcard that’s perfect for pinning up in your shop. The front of the postcard will show the tool chest in all its glory; the rear face will have a short biography of Studley and note that you were one of the first 1,000 people to purchase “Virtuoso.”

The book is being released at the same time as the opening of the exhibit of the Studley tool cabinet and workbench in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on May 15-17. Information and tickets are available here.

Those who order the book before its release date will have the option of either getting it shipped to them (arriving after Handworks) or picking it up at Handworks, which runs May 15-16 in Amana, Iowa. If you plan to pick up your book at Handworks, please read the following paragraph with care. It is important.

You will need to pick up your book at the Lost Art Press booth in the Festhalle Barn in Amana, Iowa. While we will be selling copies of “Virtuoso” at the exhibit, the sales staff there will not have access to the list of people who pre-ordered the book. So to repeat (using slightly different words): You will pick up your pre-ordered book at Handworks.

So we recommend you come to Handworks first, pick up your book and then take it to the exhibit where you can get it signed by the people involved in the project.

Pre-ordering the book and picking it up in Amana will guarantee that you get your book there. We can bring only so many books to Handworks.

So spread the word to your woodworking friends: Studley is coming.

— Christopher Schwarz

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26 Responses to Pre-publication Orders for ‘Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley’

  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m dense, I had to read this a couple times before I figured out what was meant, may I suggest a minor rewording
    “…You will need to pick up your book at the Lost Art Press booth in the Festhalle Barn in Amana, Iowa. While we will be selling copies of “Virtuoso” at the exhibit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the sales staff…”

  2. tesla77 says:

    All tomfoolery aside.

  3. So send a link already! I can’t get from Seattle to the show but I sure want the book!

  4. Christopher Bowen says:

    What’s that? Do something April 1st? Sure, why not? What could possibly go wrong?

  5. Toby Sauer says:

    The price will be the same if I buy it at the exhibit? I signed up for the first time slot which doesn’t allow the the time to come get it from Amana.

    • The price will be $49 on the web site and $49 in person. We don’t discount at shows. And we don’t have sales. So you can get it either place for $49.

      Hope this helps.

      • Toby Sauer says:

        It does. Just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t cost more. That way I can buy at the exhibit, get it signed and then make my way to Handworks. Thanks for the fast response and excellent products.

  6. Chris

    Will there be an electronic edition or PDF of STUDLEY?


  7. Bryan Tucker says:

    Chris, I look forward to hearing your reason for no digital version. I personally am doing everything possible to no longer buy hard copy books for a few reasons. First, I am long past no longer having space for physical books. My lack of space for them is upsetting to my wife at times (clutter). I had at least a dozen boxes of books stored in my outbuilding and discovered last week that termites had come up through a slab crack and had infested the boxes. I lost a number of irreplaceable books to both termites eating them and their waste causing mold to grow in the moisture they created. I recently purchased most of Lost Art’s digital titles. Please keep them coming digitally.

    PS off topic. I know of your connections to FW. I have a recently purchased FW disk that had data corruption, and the customer service person corresponding with me prefers that I get a refund from Amazon rather than have FW replace the defective disk. Could you suggest whom I could contact at FW to resolve such an issue at a higher level?

    • Bryan,

      If it is a woodworking product, try megan fitzpatrick or david thiel.

      We plan to offer digital when we can. But with this title we want the pirates to work for it. Sorry.

      • bryanwtucker says:

        Sorry to hear people are pirating your work. Just curious. Why not use a rights managed platform like Kindle (where I now buy most of my titles now)?

        Thanks for FW info. I guess I was enough of a squeaky wheel, management contacted me apologizing and resolved the issue. 😀

      • Well, let me put it this way:
        I can’t get the book because I am European. And the pirates are to blame? Same is true for an increasing number of Lost Art Press books. I have a feeling soon there won’t be any digital versions of anything available here.
        That is so sad. It makes me angry.
        No Lost Art Press books for me. Probably never again.
        I feel like a donkey staring at a carrot that I can’t reach.
        I better never read this blog again so it stops upsetting me.

      • Thank you, Marty Backe. But Dictum never carries all books. I am also not interested in ordering a book if shipping costs more than the book itself.
        Digital is the way to go. Worked flawlessly for me, always.

  8. Reinhardt says:

    Reblogged this on Anarchy Woodworking and commented:
    I will be placing my order today!

  9. christopherdopp says:

    Order placed. Can’t wait.

  10. 1:24 Pacific Daylight time. Counting the minutes!

  11. I’m oldschool in that I like hardbound copies of books. Lots of reasons for this, not the least being that they never suffer system failure.
    I’m very much looking forward to seeing this work. If the work reveals what I suspect, then it will prove my theory that Studley was almost a century ahead of his time in the way he made toolchests.

  12. mushmule says:

    I’m sure the book will be filled with gorgeous photos…How about an accessory item…An actual-size high resolution photo to hang on my shop wall. The poster available from FWW just doesn’t make it!

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