The ‘Calvin Cobb’ Chapter-Spot Contest Winners Are…

CC-stamp_IMG_9440Thanks to everyone who entered the “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker” chapter-spot contest. Some of your (wrong) answers were really funny – so I had a lot of fun going through the responses.

Two photos, numbers 7 and 24, flummoxed everyone. A few of you were close on 24 with “chisel” … but not close enough (I’m a tough grader – just ask any of my former students). No one really came close on 7, a vacuum-tube tester.



The correct answer on 24 is “carving gouge.”

It was a close finish for first place and second place…particularly because the first-place winner declined to answer 36, 37 and 38. But it didn’t hurt him in the end.

Even with skipping three of them, Stumpy Nubs had the most correct answers (30).

Congratulations, James! You win an autographed copy of Roy Underhill’s “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker (A Novel with Measured Drawings),” a Lost Art Press Logo T-shirt in your choice of color and size (from available stock) and an autographed Roubo Bookstand in Walnut, made by Roy Underhill.

The second-place finisher (28 correct) is Sawdustandwoodchips, who wins an autographed copy of “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker (A Novel with Measured Drawings)” and a Lost Art Press Logo T-shirt in his (I think “his” … but I don’t actually know) choice of color and size (from available stock).

For third place, there was a tie. So I resorted to giving “pluses” for hyper-correct answers to each of the entrants with 23 correct responses. Matt Rae got five pluses; lblack2x4 got four pluses…but lost one for “Rabone folding rule…because it’s a Zig-Zag.) So, Matt Rae gets an autographed copy of “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker (A Novel with Measured Drawings),” and lblack2x4 gets a Lost Art Press Logo T-shirt (choice of color and size from available stock).

CC01I have no doubt you will disagree with my grading methods – students always did. (But I beg you: Don’t have your parents call me to complain.)

If one (or more) person gave the exact correct response, answers that were vague did not get full marks (e.g. No. 1 is the exposure counter on a Robot 1 camera, which several people identified correctly, so “camera dial” alone did not make the grade).

Winners, please send your mailing address and T-shirt choice (where applicable) to: I’ll get them off to Roy and Christopher Schwarz immediately.

And remember: You’re all winners, just for playing (do you think kids really believe that?).

Below, you’ll find the key to all 38 of the chapter spots images, as provided by Roy:

1 Exposure Counter, Robot 1 camera
2 IBM Punch Card,
3 Audel’s Carpenters and Builders Guide, vol 3,
4 RCA console Radio, ca 1939
5 Shutter Speed Dial, Robot 1 camera
6 Stanley #6 Bench Plane
7 Vacuum Tube Tester, ca 1948
8 Bell Systems Pay Telephone Dial
9 Steel Zig-Zag Rule
10 Toledo Scale (drugstore model)
11 Exposure Guide, Robot 1 camera
12 Focus Ring, Robot 1 camera
13 Folding Rule
14 Exposure Counter, Robot 1 camera
15 Wurlitzer Juke Box, 1946
16 Wurlitzer Juke Box, 1941
17 Auger Bit, 17/16 inch
18 Try Square
19 Zig-Zag Rule
20 Tuning Dial, Atwater Kent Radio, ca. 1921
21 Adding Machine
22 Wurlitzer Juke Box, 1946
23 Adding Machine, Remington
24 Carving Gouge
25 Coin Slot, Bell Systems Pay Phone
26 Gearing Tables, Barnes #3 ? Screw Cutting Lathe
27 Steel Folding Rule
28 F-Stop (Iris diaphragm) Setting, Robot 1 Camera
29 Stanley Rule & Level # 29 Transitional Plane
30 Langdon Patent, Millers Falls Miter Box
31 Zig-Zag Rule
32 Post Office Box Window
33 Stamp Vending Machine
34 Two Plow Plane Irons
35 Stanley Rule & Level # 35 Transitional Plane
36 Adding Machine, Remington
37 Stanley Rule & Level # 37 Transitional Plane
38 Two Steel Number Stamps

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9 Responses to The ‘Calvin Cobb’ Chapter-Spot Contest Winners Are…

  1. Paul Smith says:

    I did not send in an entry but a few of my guesses would have been right. It was fun trying to figure them out. Thanks

  2. beshriver says:

    I didn’t send mine in because my list was about a third empty and mostly wrong… I may have gotten one or two sort of right but not really…congrats to the winners and I’m sure we’ll see the prizes on one of stumpy’s videos

  3. Stumpy Nubs says:

    Holy crap-ole! I can’t believe I forgot to post my answers for the last three and I still won! I had the last three on my list, but I somehow didn’t paste them into my comment!

    I have to admit that a few of them were near impossible. Since I don’t want everyone thinking I’m a PhD like Megan, I thought I’d reveal my secret… Google. A whole butt-load of Google.

    My big breakthrough came when I saw #15, which I immediately thought was a jukebox. Since I read Chris and Megan’s blogs, I remembered that there was a soda shop next to Roy’s school. So I searched the internet for photos of the interior of the shop. Thankfully, people post photos of everything online, and that’s where I found a lot of the items on the list, including the two jukeboxes, the scale, and two of the most difficult items on the list: the American adding machine (21) and the post office boxes (32). I actually called the soda shop after hours to ask what the adding machine was since it wasn’t obvious from the photo.

    I also remembered seeing photos from inside Roy’s school in Fine Woodworking Online articles, so I Google those. That’s where I saw the radios. The Atwater Kent was on top of a cabinet near the ceiling (20). There is an RCA in the back of the shop, but the photo (4) didn’t appear to match the dial on that model. Since I learned that only RCA used that font, I went with it.

    So, all it took was regularly reading this blog, the articles at Fine Woodworking Online and Popular Woodworking, and the willingness to spend about 20 hours staring at images on Google while popping Tylenol for the eye strain and downing Red Bulls to stay awake…. oh crap, I’m wasting my life…

  4. That is Great – ‘Gob Smacked’ I would say that I won anything. This was a great deal of fun – and as Stumpy says – a lot of research – yes Google has indeed become my brain – although I give credit to Stumpy for his methods!!

    Now, if only he had forgotten to past the last 6 items…

    Congrats Stumpy!

  5. I certainly hope the book has an Appendix with this in it 🙂

  6. dnramirez says:

    Good visual detective. Congratulations Stumpy Nubs!

  7. misterlinn says:

    Wow. Where do you people get the time?

  8. Matt Rae says:

    I have to admit- an aid to me was looking at the time/date in the photo properties to determine which images were taken at the same time.

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