‘Chairmaker’s Notebook’ Ships Tuesday


About 10 pallets of Peter Galbert’s “Chairmaker’s Notebook” arrived in our Indiana warehouse this afternoon and will ship out tomorrow.

If you ordered the book from us, you probably received an e-mail notification today that the book shipped. Our store software automatically sends that e-mail when we print your shipping label. Once the book hits the mail stream (probably tomorrow), it should take three to seven business days to arrive, depending where you live (Hawaii and Alaska might take longer).

I drove to our warehouse today and picked up some copies of the book for me, Peter and the other people involved in the project, including copy editor Megan Fitzpatrick, designer Linda Watts and indexer Suzanne Ellison.

The printer did an outstanding job on all aspects of this book, from the binding to the dust jacket. I think you will be pleased.

— Christopher Schwarz


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12 Responses to ‘Chairmaker’s Notebook’ Ships Tuesday

  1. rondennis303 says:

    What part “I can hardly wait!” do I need to explain?

  2. beshriver says:

    gimme gimme gimme

  3. don2laughs says:

    I’ve NEVER been disappointed with a book from Lost Art Press…….so happy you folks are doing this! I, now, have reason to build one of those barrister bookcases that always seemed like overkill for most of the books in my meager library…..but I could really USE one now to house some treasures. I’ve got most that you’ve published but not quite all…..but I WILL.

  4. KampWood says:

    I have a question regarding all lost art press books. Are public libraries able to order your books?

    • beshriver says:

      Hey Ben, I looked it up on world cat and most of the titles are available at some libraries. Just as an aside, ATC hade under the subject, furniture design and military paraphanalia.

    • Of course. Many libraries purchase our books at the request of their patrons or on the initiative of a librarian. Some approach us direct; others use a book purchasing service that assists libraries.

  5. Can’t wait. The quality of these books is hard to beat. I’m still enjoying my copy of By Hand and Eye.

  6. Arrived yesterday – talk about value for money — heavy, dense, packed with detailed information – you could probably make the chairs just from the illustrations!

  7. Dave Reedy says:

    Book arrived Sat. Awesome! After a quick thumb through, I don’t know where to start. Every chapter and page has something I want to know. Guess I’ll just have to start at the beginning and be patient.

  8. Scott Taylor says:

    Got mine a few days ago, the craftsmanship of the book itself is outstanding regardless of the subject… But that is great too.

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