A Noble Fortitude


It is easy to labor so long as we are encouraged by cheers and waving of hats, but to toil on and on, with only the silent approval of one’s own heart, requires a noble fortitude which the hero alone possesses.

George Houghton

The Hub – November 1, 1875

Photo: Carpenters’ Union Float for 1948 Armistice Day Parade – Porterville, CA.

—Jeff Burks

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7 Responses to A Noble Fortitude

  1. disneytodd says:

    Just think how big that bench would be!

  2. I don’t want to flatten the back of this iron.

  3. John Vernier says:

    I visited Porterville once and I remember thinking “nothing wild and crazy ever happens here.” I see now that I was very wrong.

  4. kendewitt608 says:

    Just thought, what size tool chest Chris could build for this ?

  5. KampWood says:

    Just plane good construction, and their slogan would be “shaving off some savings.” “Tried and trued” “nothing goes smoother”

  6. Apparently getting to ride the “plane float” was not one of the sought after jobs in this parade.

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