Divided We Live


It’s always good to work with people who are smarter than you. It’s even better if you can marry them.

While John and I do most of the day-to-day grunt work at Lost Art Press, I’d be lost if I didn’t have my wife, Lucy May, to guide me and keep my head on straight. She’s a busy full-time journalist in her own right at WCPO-TV, but she still makes time every day to listen to a recitation of our operations and help us plan pricing, strategy and the editorial direction of this company.

Plus, while other people thought (and said) I was nuts when I stepped down as editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine in 2011, she had faith that we’d still eat and I wouldn’t end up writing marginalia for Waste Age magazine.

For a couple years I’ve been trying to think of a way to thank her that also serves as a reminder of the important role she plays in Lost Art Press. Eventually, it came to me: Ask Marco Terenzi to create a pair of working dividers – our logo – that she could wear around her neck.


Marco is the super-talented woodworker and metalworker who specializes in miniature tools, benches, tool chests and the like. You might remember this amazing miniature copy he made of the Anarchist’s Tool Chest last year. He also makes miniature working tools for sale; follow his Instagram feed if you want to be blown away.

On Thursday the dividers arrived. They are stunning and Lucy loves them (she wore them on TV yesterday). They look exactly like the dividers from Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanick Exercises” – no matter how closely you examine them. And they work. If I have to lay out some miniature dovetails, I’m going to hit up my wife’s jewelry box.

Marco is considering making a run of these that will be cast. So if you’d like a pair, be sure to follow his work.

Apologies for the personal note. Now back to woodworking.

— Christopher Schwarz

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20 Responses to Divided We Live

  1. hgordon4 says:

    Wonderful that your wife was supportive of what you needed to do, and that you honor her in return. Don’t apologize – thank you for sharing.

  2. I wonder where Marco Terenzi learned to do what he does.

  3. jonathanszczepanski says:

    Jewelry and a tool… Win! Win!

    Also… Illuminati!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bartee says:

    It’s all personal. That is what we do. My name for my wife is “Wonderful Wife” Because she is!

    Seems you feel the same way.

    Nice to know some more of the back story at LAP. All the Best…

  5. Scott Taylor says:

    Any of us who have accomplished anything have a significant other who made that possible. I believe their greatest gift is just letting us run, that takes a leap of faith and a lot of love…. Keep up the good work Chris.

  6. trainman0978 says:

    That guy’s work will be in the Smithsonian Museum one day. I would really like it if you guys could convince him to write some sort of book about his work, either a how to book or a case study of the processes and history of miniatures in regard to tools and furniture ….. Something. It would be interesting to read.

  7. toolnut says:

    Your daughter is going to want a charm bracelet. With a new charm every year.

    Also, give Marco a copy of the Studley book. Wouldn’t it be fun to see what he does with that information. (He built the Anarchist chest so you never know.)

    • Gene ORourke says:

      I second that! The possibilities are staggering. I’m already envisioning a dual exhibition….

  8. woodworkerme says:

    I need a man like you. very thoughtful of you. there is a small piece of yourself in everything you make or design for someone else. that’s what I think woodworking is all about.

  9. beshriver says:

    you can’t tell her often enough… i just bought my wife a new pair of combat boots for her promotion to SFC.

  10. Even before I read the post I could tell that was Marco’s work. Everyone I know who’s been around him says he’s a mad genius.

  11. kv41 says:

    Beautiful! I’m so happy you shared your love and appreciation of your wife. As much as I love your work in woodworking, I am moved by your open displays of love for her.

  12. mysticcarver says:

    I follow his amazing work already! Amazing artist. Great gift. I don’t mind the personal story at all. It’s all part of the reasons why we do what we do.

  13. rondennis303 says:

    Credit where credit is due.

  14. joemcglynn says:

    those are amazing, really nice work.

  15. Niels Cosman says:

    That’s some husbanding (husbandry?) there, Chris!
    Cute little box too. You could swap out the terry cloth for a bit of red scotch-brite for a little buffing in between uses. Maybe a little perfume bottle Eau de Camellia oil as well for good measure.

  16. Al Navas says:

    Terrific, Chris! We are who we are with the help of our spouses! You done good!

  17. Brian Clites says:

    Ther personal stuff is what makes your blog so compelling. Thanks for sharing, and hope she loves them.

  18. exquisite! Also, nice to hear the sentiment behind the item.

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