Update: ‘Chairmaker’s Notebook’

CN_cover_web2So where is Peter Galbert’s book “Chairmaker’s Notebook” that was supposed to ship from the printer on March 20? The book is supposed to leave the Tennessee printer today and arrive in our warehouse either tomorrow or Friday.

Then our fulfillment service is creating a special assembly line to process all of the orders (more than 1,100) immediately.

In other news about the book, we are preparing to publish a set of full-size plans for the two chairs in the book. These plans were hand-drawn by Peter and include the full-size seats with all the angles, all the turning profiles (both baluster and bobbin), plus the details on the bending form for the fan-back.

I’m currently scanning the plans and will have details on price and availability soon. These plans will not be bundled with the book and will be actually be produced and shipped by a third party. So no one is going to miss out on a deal or discount.

I’m driving up to our warehouse on Friday and should have photos of the finished product soon.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to Update: ‘Chairmaker’s Notebook’

  1. Can’t wait for my copy!

  2. toolnut says:

    Which two chairs does he make in the book? Thanks.

    • A balloon-back and fan-back.

      • I really want to buy this book. But… there are lots of books to buy here. It’s hard to decide which one to buy first.
        I think the Green Woodworking book with Jennie Alexander is the one I am waiting for the most.

      • toolnut says:

        Cool. Do you think you could get him to do the continuous arm Windsor as a separate plan or DVD or book? His continuous arm is one of the most beautiful Windsors I’ve ever seen. Thanks again.

        PS Regarding another comment, if you’re serious about regrowing your hair, try Propecia. Two of my brothers have been using it for years and it’s like they are in their twenties. (One is in his late 50s the other his early 60s.). Me, I’m aging gracefully.

  3. don2laughs says:

    Since it hasn’t shipped yet…can I still get ‘free shipping’ if I order this minute?

  4. turdfighter says:

    Will you have copies at the LN event at popular woodworking?

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