Lie-Nielsen Show in Charleston with Roy Underhill


Charleston, S.C., is my favorite city, and so it pains me that I’m not going to be able to attend the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event there next month. My liver and cholesterol, however, are well-pleased by this unfortunate turn of events.

This year, the Lie-Nielsen staff has arranged a pre-show event to visit Drayton Hall, which offers a period rush like no other place I’ve been. It’s an 18th-century plantation that is unrestored. No modernization. No electricity. No horrible 1970s “reconstructions.”

I’ve been to Drayton many times (once during a hurricane), and never get tired of it as a woodworker. Every plaster and wooden detail has been left alone for you to discover, even the marks on a door frame that record the heights of the family’s children.

I wish I had more inspiring words other than: You need to see this. It will open your eyes to the 18th-century way of making things.

To add even more fun to the mix, Roy Underhill will be on hand during the tour to offer commentary and interpretation.

The special tour is 11 a.m. Thursday April 9. Call 1-800-327-2520 to reserve your place at $32 per person.

Then the whole crew will head to the American College of the Building Arts for a presentation by Roy Underhill and dinner at the Craftsman Tap House. In my mind, it’s a perfect day.

Oh, and there’s two more days of a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at the American College of the Building Arts on April 10-11. And it’s all in the most gorgeous city in the world with amazing food and great, great architecture.


Maybe next year.

Read more details on the Lie-Nielsen site here. And hoist a few beers for me at the Craftsman Tap House.

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to Lie-Nielsen Show in Charleston with Roy Underhill

  1. hgordon4 says:

    Wow, how cool would that be! On behalf of CPAs who have to earn a living but love woodworking more, I object to the timing of the event.

  2. Dave Reedy says:

    Wow, wish something like this could happen in Cincinnati in connection with the upcoming LN event.

  3. woodworkerme says:

    hey I am way out on the west coast and things like this never happen here.
    so Chris next time you head to Victoria, Canada stop in Port Angeles and I will buy you a beer or two. Roy that goes for you too.

  4. meanmna says:

    Finally something in my back yard that I am in town for. I’ll be there! Chris – If I still did craft brew I would write that you have an open invitation to join us to strain your liver. However, since I haven’t brewed any in five years I will instead extend an open invitation to join us in Mount Pleasant any time you are in Chucktown for some award winning pulled pork, ribs and wings. The beer will have to be store bought however.

  5. You don’t know how veklempt I am over this. I will be in Charleston that week, but will be working that day, over on Wadmalaw Island. So close, but so far away. Dayton Hall is one of my favorite Natl. Trust sites. It’s interest to note that it remained in the Drayton family, and was lived in part of the year, up until it was donated to the Natl.Trust in the 1970’s. Never plumbed, never electrified, never messed with. Go ahead and try to find another one like that.

  6. ctregan says:

    Does anybody ever do a workshop for inner city youth? Why (as a society) are we teaching carpentry to middle age adults when most of our young people have no skills and nothing to do? Sorry for writing a pesky negative comment on your blog, but wheres the anarchy in $400 hand planes purchased by retired CPA’s at fancy locales?

    • There are lots of state-funded trade programs for youth, many through community colleges and unions. There are few takers.

      For my part, I am teaching two heavily discounted (i.e. almost free) classes this year for young woodworkers that will supply them with a free set of working hand tools – many of them donated by readers of this blog.

      So this is not a selfish group in any way. And any help you are willing to lend will be appreciated.

  7. misterlinn says:

    What’s a CPA and do we have them in Britain?

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