Into the Weird


After three straight months of editing and writing during all waking (and drinking) hours, I was starting to wake up sore in the morning. Not the “I can’t look my spouse in the eye after last night’s weird” sore. It was the kind of soreness from my muscles dying.

Sitting all day. Typing all day. Processing photos all day. By Sunday morning I felt like a recovering coma patient.

So today I shoved aside all the clackety-clack and dove into the next project for “The Furniture of Necessity” – a staked dining table. I have been designing this thing on paper and in my head for months now. It’s such a nutty but perfect thing that I’ve been saving it like a tasty morsel buried in the backyard.

I was going to make the entire thing out of yellow pine. But after a stop at the lumberyard this morning I noticed the employees were restocking the hard maple rack. There I found a clear white board with amazingly straight grain.

After six hours of work I roughed out the six (six?) legs for this table, got them into octagons and then tapered them with a handplane. Tomorrow I expect to be sore in new places.

But at least sitting down tonight feels good – like it should.

— Christopher Schwarz

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19 Responses to Into the Weird

  1. fitz says:

    Nice legs.


  2. woodworkerme says:

    ok, so you made two extra legs like normal or is this thing going to have six legs?cant wait to see it..


  3. woodworkerme says:

    oh wait I am betting that it will have 5 legs.


  4. Dave Reedy says:

    Maybe he’s making two tables.


  5. mrogen says:

    Hi Chris,
    Your describing how I feel all the time. It’s no picnic that’s for sure. But you know what I say every morning? Bring it on Mother#U£KER$



  6. jdcook72 says:

    For something that looks so simple (I don’t mean that in a negative way but I can’t think of a better word, pure?) I really like those legs. They remind me of pencils; I know, eight sides not six, but still.


  7. Chris, how are you putting a taper on the tenons?


  8. dnramirez says:

    Which size Veritas Tapered Tenon Cutter do you use and/or recommend for a stool or bench?


  9. Niels Cosman says:

    You need to get some yoga in your life!
    Weird is the new normal.


  10. dnramirez says:

    And what do you use for cutting the mortise? Thanks!


  11. Farmer Greg says:

    I predict an old-school (like medieval scholastic old-school) trestle table with two three-legged saw-benches serving as the legs, probably able to be broken down so you can conduct trials by combat in the mead hall.


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